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Babyliss Pro

Babyliss Pro has been in the world of hair styling and hair care for decades. With the products of Babyliss Pro you get professional hair styling tools at home. The products are designed specifically for hair styling professionals and allow creativity to flourish.

Because the brand is constantly developing, the products are getting better and easier to use. Whether you are going for a blow-out, a beautiful curl or just straight hair; with the tools from Babyliss you are always right! Read more >>


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Features Babyliss Pro

  • Professional styling tools
  • High quality
  • Easy to use
  • Wide range of tools
  • Developed for hair styling professionals

Features Babyliss Pro

  • Professional styling tools
  • High quality
  • Easy to use
  • Wide range of tools
  • Developed for hair styling professionals

Babyliss Pro styling tools

From a bouncy curl to a beautiful blow-out, you can create beautiful looks with Babyliss Pro's styling tools. The brand has a wide range of styling tools. For example, you can choose from hair dryers, curling irons, straighteners and hair clippers, among others. Performance and quality are an absolute must for the brand, products are extensively tested and the brand is constantly developing new devices. The brand goes for unlimited artistic freedom and gives free rein to the consumer's desire.

Whatever look you are going for, Babyliss Pro has the right styling tool for you!

Innovation and quality

The quality of the brand speaks for itself: not for nothing is Babyliss Pro today the market leader in electronic hair care devices! The brand is always introducing new products that are often the innovators when it comes to developing new technologies. One example is the ceramic plates of the Babyliss Pro Elipsis. These ceramic plates are 3 times harder, smoother and more durable due to a special coating. Other examples include the Babyliss Pro Blue Lightning Air Styler (the best-selling hot air brush) and the latest hair dryers that have super powerful yet lightweight motors.

Babyliss Pro Hair Dryer

Babyliss Pro hair dryers are light & compact so they are easy to use all day long. The many innovations Babyliss has implemented have improved not only the performance of drying, but also the effect on the beauty and health of the hair fibers. The hair dryers provide soft, shiny and more frizz-free hair!

Babyliss Pro Curling Iron

Babyliss Pro curling irons make it easy to create beautiful curls in the hair! Babyliss has many different types of curling tongs in their range, so there is always a suitable tong for you among them!

Babyliss Pro Straighteners

The straighteners from Babyliss Pro have a high quality. The straighteners are specially designed for hair stylists and adapted for daily use.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which Babyliss Pro hair dryer has a diffuser?

The Babyliss Pro Rapido comes with diffuser.

Which Babyliss Pro curling iron is the best?

Which curling iron works best for you depends on your personal preference. When choosing a curling iron, pay attention, for example, to the coating, diameter, speed and temperature.

How do you use the Babyliss Pro Titanium Tourmaline hair dryer brush?

  • Step 1: pre-dry the hair with a blow dryer (if it is still damp), until it is almost dry.
  • Step 2: The hot air brush has 3 settings: 0 (off), I (medium airflow), and II (powerful airflow). Choose setting I or II.
  • Step 3: Work in tufts and use hair clips to put up the hair you haven't yet blow-dried.
  • Step 4: Start with the bottom hair strands and grab strands about 2 inches thick. Work from the roots of the hair to the ends and slowly slide the brush down.

How to maintain a Babyliss Pro clipper ?

  • Step 1: Hold the trimmer in front of you and push the blade up to remove it from the trimmer.
  • Step 2: using the brush provided, wipe the hair from the blade and from the inside of the trimmer head.
  • Step 3: it is recommended to oil the blades with each use with Babyliss Pro Olie voor Tondeuses & Trimmers
  • Step 4: place the head back in place after maintenance.



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