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Hair Wax

Looking for a fine hair wax that suits your hair type? Then you're in the right place at Would you like your hair to stay in shape for a long time without your hair becoming hard? Then a wax is the ideal solution for you. A wax is slightly fatter than a gel so it does not become hard. You only use a small amount of wax while it stays in your hair longer. Your hair will stay in shape all day long when using a hair wax.


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The best hair wax

With a wax you can easily style your hair, the nice thing about this is that you can also restyle it well after use. It is the opposite of a gel and therefore does not harden the hair. The structure of a wax is generally hard and dry.

What does wax do to your hair?

Hair wax allows you to style short to medium length hair and provides extra hold in the hair. It is especially suitable for styling your hair up or back. The advantage of a wax? You can define the hair beautifully with it and you can easily model it again in a different model. You can also choose whether to go for a matte or shiny look.

Different types of wax

So there are different types available. We will explain some of them below:

Water-based hair wax: the REF Rough Wax 505 is a hair wax that gives volume, structure and maximum strength. This hair wax provides hair with definition, texture and extreme separation with a matte finish.

Hair wax with a matte finish: the Red One Matte Hair Wax Black is a styling wax with a matte finish. With this wax you bring your hair into shape easily and will also remain in shape for a long time.

Hair wax with a shiny finish: The Red One Full Force Aqua Hair Wax Blue is a wax with the smell of bubblgum. With this wax you style your hair as desired without the hair becoming greasy or hard. In addition, it gives a shine to the hair.

How to use it

Before applying wax, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: grab a small amount on your finger about the size of a pea.
Step 2: rub it into your palm and rub it between your hands according to warm so you can apply it more easily.
Step 3
: apply it to the hair. For example, you can start at the back of the hair first and slowly work your way to the front.
Step 4:
If necessary, use your fingertips to style loose strands.

Tip: styling your hair with wax does not really have a guideline in what is right or wrong. However, it is important not to use too much so that the hair does not become too greasy.



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