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Adapters and charging stations

At we sell various adapters and charging stations for charging a trimmer or clipper, for example. All adapters and charging stations have a nice long cord so you don't have to twist yourself into difficult turns, but can charge your clippers or trimmer wherever and whenever you want.


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An adapter is indispensable when using an electric tool. It provides mains power and powers electrical equipment. It is very annoying when your clipper/trimmer still works fine, but you have lost your charging cord. It is a shame to buy a new appliance just for the cord. Fortunately, there is a solution! On this page you will find various charging stations and adapters, so that you can keep charging your tool when your cord is lost or broken.

Types of adapters and charging stations

At you will find different types of adapters and charging stations for your tools. Some of these types are:

  • The Moser/Wahl Adapter 6000 you can use for various trimmers and hair clippers from Moser, Wahl & Ermila. The cable has a length of about three metres. This adapter is suitable for the Wahl Super Trimmer and the Moser Chromini Pro, among others. Do check the type number of your clipper beforehand and check whether the adapter is suitable for it.
  • The Salonline Power Plug Europe - United Kingdom is a plug for converting a European plug to a plug in the United Kingdom. The plug can be used at 240 volts and contains a fuse. This plug can be used in the following countries: UK, Ireland, Malta, Malaysia & Singapore.
  • The Andis Adapter for Profoil Shaver fits the Andis Profoil TS-1 Shaver and the Andis Profoil TS-2 Shaver Plus.

How to choose the right adapter?

When buying, it is important that you do choose the right one. Therefore, look carefully at the product specification of the adapter you want to buy (this often states which tools it is suitable for) and the specifications on your old adapter. This will ensure that you choose the right version for your tool. At you will find chargers for different tools such as shavers and the split-ender.



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