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A good conditioner is indispensable for your hair care routine. This is because it takes care of the outside of the hair. The cuticles are open after shampooing and the conditioner closes them. Your hair is cared for and immediately feels smoother and softer. Do you already know what the best hair conditioner is for you? We are happy to help you find the best care.


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Hair conditioner

A conditioner, in addition to a shampoo, is indispensable in your basic routine. It mainly cares for the outside of your hair. It has a full texture with moisturizing and nourishing properties. Your hair immediately feels smoother, softer and looks cared for. There are many different types. You can choose a product that is suitable for all hair types, or you can customize it according to your hair type. For example, there are various products for afro hair, damaged hair, blond hair, chemically treated hair, thick hair and many more hair types. But what is the best hair conditioner? We have a wide range, use the filter options to easily search for the best hair conditioner that suits you.

The effect of a conditioner

A conditioner is part of your basic routine, because it mainly cares for the outside of the hair. It closes the hair cuticles that are open after using a shampoo. This makes hair fall smooth and supple, manageable and easier to comb through. Your hair gets a nice shine and the hair looks more radiant. An indispensable product during your hair care routine. You apply it after using a shampoo, in the lengths and ends of the hair. The soaking time varies by brand and product, read the instructions beforehand to use the right soaking time. Never apply the product too close to or on the scalp. If you do, the scalp will produce more sebum, making the hair greasy faster. The hair looks conditioned after use.Want to give your hair an extra boost? Then try using a hair mask, applied after shampoo and before conditioner.

Difference between conditioner and conditioner

There is no difference between a conditioner and conditioner, both products have the same effect. It only varies from brand to brand which name they give to the product. Nowadays, the name cream rinse is used less often.

Buy conditioner at

At Salontopper we have a wide range of conditioners. From the runners like the Kérastase Resistance Ciment Anti-Usure, Wella SP Hydrate Emulsion, Sassoon Illuminating Conditioner and many more. If you order your products at before 23:59 (from Sunday to Thursday evening) then your order will be delivered tomorrow. On Friday ordered before 22:00 hours is tomorrow. Together with our partner PostNL we do everything possible to deliver the promised time provided the product is in stock. When your order is €35,- or higher we ship your order for free.

If you have questions about a product or something is not clear you can always contact our customer service. Our customer service is available Mon-Fri from 09:00 to 21:00, on Saturdays from 10:00 to 16:00. Go to contact for the phone number and email address. We are happy to help you!

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