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Features Fanola

  • Italian brand
  • Innovative and trendsetter
  • Bestseller Silver Shampoo
  • Different colour enhancers
  • Extensive range

Features Fanola

  • Italian brand
  • Innovative and trendsetter
  • Bestseller Silver Shampoo
  • Different colour enhancers
  • Extensive range

Fanola Hair products

Originally from Italy, Fanola is a professional hairdressing brand. It was created by a group of hairdressers, a bold collaboration of researchers, technicians, and hair experts. They laid the foundation for the Italian brand Fanola. Fanola's DNA is summed up in three key words, namely: colour, creativity and sharing. The brand has been around for decades now and most of you will be familiar with Fanola's flagship product: the Fanola No Yellow shampoo. This has made them known worldwide.

The brand keeps developing constantly, is always looking for new inspiration and is a real trendsetter. They like to create the wow-effect and then share this with you. Besides having different lines to keep/maintain your hair colour beautiful, they also have products developed especially for lifeless hair, curly or dry hair. The good thing is that Fanola products are easily affordable + available at for a fair price.

Fanola No Yellow Shampoo - The silver shampoo

One of the best-selling silver shampoos on is the Fanola No Yellow Shampoo. This silver shampoo provides colour neutralisation for blonde, grey or bleached hair. The purple pigments in this Fanola Silver Shampoo are the colour counterpart to unwanted yellow tones. Adding them into your hair neutralises the yellow undertone. This is how you keep your hair ice, ash, or grey blonde. Even with grey hair, this shampoo is suitable for removing a yellow glow from the hair.

The Fanola No Yellow formula has recently been revamped, making it Vegan! The same powerful effect, but now without animal products. So you can comfortably care for your hair with the Fanola No Yellow Shampoo and the No Yellow Mask.

Fanola No Orange Shampoo

It is a real lifesaver because No Orange removes unwanted copper and red tones in hair. Because it contains blue pigment, it reduces unwanted orange tones. It is suitable for dark(blonde) hair. The active ingredients used for the Fanola No Orange shampoo are seaweed extracts and coconut oil. The seaweed extracts work intensively to repair and make hair stronger. The coconut oil helps prevent hair breakage and makes the hair resistant to damage. The shampoo is perfect to use between hairdressing appointments so your hair colour stays longer. Let the shampoo soak well into the hair for 3-10 minutes you will notice your beautiful hair colour coming back. Combine it with the Fanola No Orange Mask.

Which Fanola shampoo is right for my hair?

Fanola has several colour-neutralising shampoos to get the best out of your hair colour. The silver shampoo is the best known, but nowadays it also has a blue and green counterpart. These are the No Yellow, No Orange and No Red products. These allow you to adjust your hair colour to your liking by neutralising unwanted tones in the hair. But which Fanola do you need? And which Fanola is right for your hair?

  • Natural or decoloured blonde: No Yellow or No Orange.
    For blonde hair, the most common issues are yellow or copper undertones. Yellow undertones are best neutralised with No Yellow Shampoo and coppery undertones need No Orange.
  • Dark blonde or brown hair: No Orange
    In brown or dark blonde hair, warm and coppery undertones are more common. These are best removed with the Fanola No Orange Shampoo and Mask.
  • Brown or black hair: No Red
    The latest colour-neutralising line is the No Red line. It targets red tones in dark hair types. In black or brown hair, a red glow can occur. To neutralise that red undertone, use the No Red line.

Frequently asked questions

What's Fanola?

Fanola is an Italian hair care brand best known for its Fanola No Yellow silver shampoo. Besides this, the brand offers a wide range of hair care lines for different hair problems. The brand stands for Colour, Creativity and Sharing. Something that is well reflected in the brand's various expressions and products.

How often can I use the Fanola shampoo?

For most lines, there is no maximum number of washes per week. Of course, it is better not to wash your scalp and hair every day if it is not necessary. The No Yellow, No Orange and No Red shampoos are different. These shampoos focus mainly on neutralising the colour and not caring for your hair. Also, if you use it too often, the colour can turn purple, which could cause your hair to turn purple because you have used silver shampoo too often. It is therefore wise to use colour-neutralising shampoos only when you need the colour neutralisation and to follow it up with caring products.

How does fanola No Yellow and No Orange work?

The Fanola colour-neutralising lines work on the basis of colour pigments. If you have yellow or orange undertones in your hair, you can make them disappear with Fanola No Yellow or No Orange. The colour pigments used in the shampoos and masks are the counterparts of the colour you want to remove. For example, purple is opposite yellow in the colour wheel, thus neutralising the yellow colour. For the No Orange, blue pigments are used to neutralise orange tones. No Red is Fanola's newest line and has green colour pigments to neutralise red undertones in your hair.

Is Fanola shampoo Vegan?

No, or at least not all of them. Fanola is busy innovating its collection and some of the updated Fanola hair products are Vegan.


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