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Hair brush

Salontopper has the best hair brushes for dyeing hair. With these paint brushes, you can apply the paint gradually and precisely so you can create the most beautiful coloured hairstyles. At Salontopper you shop paint brushes and paint brushes from the best brands such as Comair and Framar. Discover hair brushes and make sure dyeing your hair is a success.


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Types of hair brushes

One of the most commonly used hair dye brushes is the flat brush. This brush, as the name suggests, has a flat shape with straight bristles. It is ideal for applying hair colour to large hair sections, such as when dyeing the entire head of hair or creating wide highlights. The flat brush ensures even distribution of the dye, providing consistent colour and coverage. Furthermore, the hair brush can be used to apply the dye to smaller sections by holding the brush at an angle.

Balayage hair brush

A special balayage hair brush is an indispensable tool for creating the well-known balayage hairstyles. This brush has a flat, wide shape with soft bristles. This allows you to easily apply smooth, natural highlights. With the balayage hair brush, you can dye your hair colour with precision and subtly blend it for a soft and gradual transition between shades. A favourite choice among professional hair stylists, it helps you achieve that trendy look.

Sets of hair brushes

In the range, hair dye brushes are offered both loose and in sets. The brushes come in fun bright colours like pink and purple, but are also available in black. On the back of the brushes is a sharp point. This allows you to separate parts of the hair.

Paint accessories set

Furthermore, the hair brush is also included in various dyeing accessory sets. Like the Comair Hair Accessory Set. This set contains the supplies you need to start dyeing. For instance, the 5-piece set includes dye brushes, measuring cup and dye scale.

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A hair brush is indispensable when you want to dye your hair. Even for the best home hairdressers, a hair brush is important. If you like to dye your hair, you can order a brush with many advantages at Do you have a question? Our customer service will be happy to help you!


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