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Application bottle

Dye your hair easily, quickly and accurately? Discover now the convenience of an applicator bottle.


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Dyeing hair

Would you like to dye your own hair, but are afraid it won't give you a nice result? Then an application bottle is what you need. With this handy tool you apply the products easily, quickly and accurately, without any mess! By using the bottle, you apply the hair coloring evenly and to the desired area without using too much product.

What is an applicator bottle?

An applicator bottle is often a small bottle with a long, narrow opening. This allows you to apply the coloring quickly, but also dosed. Most bottles are made of flexible plastic, so the bottle is easy to squeeze and the paint comes out of the opening. Rinse the bottle clean and use it again next time. Make dyeing your hair easier by using an applicator bottle.

How to use

Mix your hair coloring products correctly. Therefore, it is important to read the instructions for use on the product carefully. Mix it directly into the bottle or pour it over after mixing. Make sure the bottle is not too full, as you still need to be able to squeeze the bottle to apply the dye. Next, turn on the opening of the bottle at the roots and work through to the ends. Enjoy your beautifully colored hair!

Paint supplies

In addition to the applicator bottles, also has several other supplies for dyeing your hair. Think of a paint tray, paint brushes, gloves or paint aprons. Want to start dyeing your own hair? We have all the dyeing supplies you need!


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