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Colour mousse

A hair mousse with a colour in it: colour mousse. It helps strengthen your current hair colour. With a colour mousse, you cannot try out a new colour as it only strengthens your current hair colour. It is easy to apply and wash out. In addition, like a normal hair mousse, a colour mousse provides hold to your hair. Discover 's range now and enjoy your lovely bunch of coloured hair.


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Why colour mousse?

Colour mousse is a handy hair product that can touch up your outgrowth for a while and help you postpone a haircut. The mousse with a colour helps you cover your outgrowth for a while longer. Is your hair colour faded? Then find the colour that suits you best and bring your hair colour back to life after applying the product. You can easily test the colour on your hair because the mouse is out after washing. Besides, the product is easy to apply and causes less hair damage than normal dye.

Different brands and colours

At we have colour mousse from different brands such as Schwarzkopf, Wella and Fanlola. The mousse is available in different colours, from blonde to brown and red. It is a good option for people who want to hold their hair colour without dyeing it. The colour is temporarily visible and easy to wash out. We also offer the Matrix Colour Blow Dry, this product should only be used by professionals who are familiar with or trained in this. All mousses give a natural and shiny look.


Frequently asked questions

How should you use colour mousse?

Colour mousse is super easy to use! It enhances your current hair colour. Just apply it to your hair, style it the way you want and voila! You have beautiful colour and reinforcement all in one. And the best part? It washes out in no time. So you can experiment all you want!


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