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Body scrub

Radiant and soft skin starts with the right care. A body scrub plays an important role in this by removing dead skin cells, rejuvenating the skin and preparing it for
possible hydration. With so many options, choosing the right scrub can be tricky. We offer a comprehensive guide to help you find the perfect body scrub for your skin type.



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Why body scrub is good for your skin

Body scrub is an essential part of a comprehensive skincare routine, as it helps remove dead skin cells that can accumulate on the skin's surface. This
process of exfoliation not only stimulates skin cell renewal, but also promotes healthy circulation. This results in softer, smoother and more radiant skin. Regular exfoliation also helps to even out skin tone, reduce impurities such as ingrown hairs and clogged pores. It also makes it easier for moisturising products to penetrate deeper into the skin and do their job.

Different types of body scrub and their benefits

In our range, you will find different body scrubs:

  • Bamboo scrubs: this body scrub is an eco-friendly choice that is gentle enough for most skin types. The fine bamboo granules gently polish the skin, leaving it feeling smooth and renewed.
  • Salt scrubs: ideal for normal to oily skin, as salt scrubs are great for deep cleansing pores and detoxifying the skin. The mineral-rich salt also helps restore balance and can even help reduce inflammation.
  • Sugar scrubs: with smaller and softer grains, sugar scrubs are perfect for sensitive or dry skin. They offer a less abrasive exfoliation and are rich in glycolic acid. This helps promote healthy cell renewal.

How to choose the right body scrub for your skin?

Every skin is different, so a different scrub belongs to it.

  • Sensitive skin: choose a gentle body scrub such as sugar or bamboo, which exfoliate the skin without causing irritation.
  • Dry skin: look for a hydrating body scrub that includes oils and gentler exfoliants like sugar, which help retain moisture.
  • Oily skin: salt scrubs are perfect for absorbing excess grease and deeply cleansing the skin.
  • Normal skin: if you have normal skin, you can experiment with all types of scrubs to see what you prefer and what your skin likes best. There are also variants that can be applied to all skin types.

Applying body scrub

You have bought a body scrub and want to start using it, but where do you actually start? There are a few steps you can follow to get smooth skin. Exfoliate the skin no more often than twice a week or once a week for sensitive skin.

First, make sure the skin is moist, then the grain will be a bit softer on the skin. Then apply the product in circular movements, not putting too much pressure on the skin. Be sure to include rough areas such as knees and elbows. Then rinse with lukewarm water. Finally, apply a moisturising product such as a nourishing body lotion to keep the skin well hydrated.

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By choosing the best body scrub and following a regular exfoliation routine, you can enjoy healthy and glowing skin. It is important to choose products that suit your skin type and needs for best results.




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