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Babyliss Pro Clippers

With a professional hair clipper you make sure your hair is sleek and stylish. You want as much precision as your barber or hairdresser. Therefore choose a Babyliss Pro Clippers. These professional tools ensure that you can get your hair super straight!


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Hair clippers Babyliss

Whatever short style you want to go for a clipper is often indispensable. From full buzz cut, a fade or an undercut. You therefore want a professional approach for which you can make good use of a Babyliss clipper. A hair clipper is suitable for setting up coarse lines and other less precise work. If you want precision and line work use a trimmer.

Another choice is where are you going to use your clippers? Because cordless clippers are easier to use, but the battery can run down. So if you always have an outlet nearby and want to be able to use it whenever you want, then corded clippers are fine. But if you want to take it everywhere you go, then you're better off buying a battery-powered clipper.

4 Artists Clippers

Babyliss has a separate line for the so-called hair artist and stylists called 4 Artists. Also in this line you will find 4 Artists clippers. It has a powerful motor, strong lithium batteries and Japanese steel blades. With no less than 6000 movements per minute for super sleek results.


To keep your clippers in top condition, you have several maintenance products. Most clippers come with a small brush. With this brush you can keep the blades free of loose hair. In addition, it is important to regularly clean and lubricate the blades with onderhoudsspray.



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