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Alpecin Shampoo

What exactly does Alpecin Shampoo do to your hair? Hair loss is often hereditary. The growth cycle of the hair roots is disturbed by the male hormone testosterone. This causes bald patches and hair loss. By using Alpecin Caffeine Complex, it prolongs the growth phases of the hair roots and prevents hereditary hair loss. It also combats scalp problems such as itching and flaking. Do you suffer from hair loss or scalp problems? Then you are definitely right with the Alpecin Shampoo from!


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Features Alpecin

  • Goes against hair loss
  • Stimulates hair growth
  • For men

Features Alpecin

  • Goes against hair loss
  • Stimulates hair growth
  • For men


How Alpecin shampoo works

Alpecin Shampoo is designed to combat hair loss and stimulate hair growth. The products contain active ingredients that nourish the hair roots and promote hair growth. The shampoo is suitable for men and can be used daily. The shampoo thoroughly cleanses hair and ensures a healthy scalp.

The most famous shampoos from Alpecin

Alpecin has a wide range of products that you can buy at Salontopper. Thus, these are the 5 well-known shampoos:

  • Tuning: The Alpecin Tuning Shampoo is specially developed for dark blond to black hair. It combats hair loss and ensures that dark hair retains its beautiful color. In addition, it also makes your hair fuller.
  • Double Effect: The Alpecin Dubbel Effect Shampoo is specially developed to combat the most common scalp problems in men, namely hair loss and dandruff.
  • Sport: Alpecin Sport Shampoo is specially designed for men who push themselves to the limit during sports. Often they suffer from hair loss, because you consume a lot of energy and your body will save it somewhere else, which can manifest itself in hair loss.
  • Caffeine: The Alpecin Cafeïne Shampoo causes the hair roots to be reactivated. This makes your hair significantly stronger and creates visible volume in hair. Your hair is easier to style after use and has a firm hold.
  • Liquid: The Alpecin Liquid Shampoo ensures that the hair roots remain active which promotes hair growth. In addition, it makes for stronger hair.

Other Alpecin hair products

In addition to you now being familiar with different variants of the Alpecin Shampoo, there are other products they offer. Of these, the Alpecin Medicinal Fresh Haartonic is an example. This in fact ensures that it stimulates the scalp and counteracts scalp iritations. The Alpecin Tuning cream is a black hair cream that makes gray hair disappear and colors it brown to black. You mix this with your usual wax or gel. You can also choose the Alpecin Medicinal Special Lotion that prevents hair loss caused by a stressed or sensitive scalp. A biologically active plant complex supports and normalizes the natural functioning of the scalp and protects against skin irritations. In short, this brand has several hair products that will make sure you can get back on track with your hairstyle.

Establishment Alpecin

Alpecin was founded in 1905 and was originally a manufacturer of medicines. The company has developed over the years and has become a leading brand in the field of hair care. The brand is known for its innovative products developed with the help of scientific research.



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