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Semi permanent hair coloring

If you are curious whether a hair color suits you, try a semi permanent hair color. This is ideal if you are ready for a new hairstyle, but still unsure about a color. With semi permanent hair coloring the dye is out of your hair within 3 to 6 washes. Also, the color will fade a little after each wash. This is also useful if you want to prevent outgrowth. You shop at semi permanent hair coloring from the best brands such as Goldwell, Joico and La Riche.


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This is how semi permanent hair coloring works

A semi permanent hair coloring adheres only to the outside of the hair. Existing pigments are not broken in this process and the new pigments are placed over the outer layer of the hair. To apply the semi permanent hair coloring you can follow the instructions for use with the product. Keep carefully to the times specified in these instructions. The result of use depends on several factors: the brand, your hair type, which color and the quality. This also applies to how long the color lasts. So a semi permanent hair coloring is ideal if you want something different or want to test if a hair color suits you.

The best coloring

The best coloring depends on what you want for your hair. There are types that have a lot of color intensity and types that have less of it. There is also a difference in how long the hair dye lasts. Some varieties of semi permanent hair coloring last up to 15 washes and others are out after 6 washes. If you need more strengthening and care of the hair, there are different varieties available for this as well. In addition, you can choose a mousse, a spray or a tube like you normally see hair dye. So there is a suitable semi permanent hair coloring for everyone in our range.

Frequenlty asked questions

How long does semi-permanent hair dye last?

On average, semi-permanent hair dye stays in the hair between 3 and 6 washes. However, the length can vary, for example due to the quality of the dye, hair type, hair colour and hair care. Semi-permanent hair dye fades gradually after each wash and the colour may get lighter as time passes. Using mild shampoos can help maintain the colour longer.

How do you get semi-permanent hair dye out of your hair?

Semi permanent hair dye is ideal if you are ready for a new hairstyle but are still unsure about the colour. The hair dye is therefore suitable for getting out of your hair a little faster. This can already be done by washing the hair, so it fades a little more each time. Semi permanent hair dye is useful if you want to prevent outgrowth, for example.

What is semi-permanent hair dye?

Semi permanent hair colour is paint that disappears from your hair within 3 to 6 washes. It is therefore a temporary solution for colouring or touching up hair. Thus, the hair dye does not penetrate deeply within the hair. The product helps on refreshing hair colour, adding subtle shades or experimenting with new colours without a long commitment.


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