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Body butter

Choose a body butter if you suffer from dry or sensitive skin, or if you just want to give your skin a good treat. Find your favorite body butter now at! This tasty buttery cream contains ingredients that nourish, moisturize and also make the skin smell delicious. They condition and nourish the skin making it soft and supple. Does this sound like music to your ears too? Then try one of the body butters from and make sure your skin smells wonderful and feels soft.


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Why use body butter?

A body butter nourishes dry skin by maintaining moisture levels and it makes aging skin more elastic. Because it contains a lot of vitamin A, it will also help reduce wrinkles. The product is well absorbed by the skin and will also protect it. After using it, the skin will feel very soft and hydrated. It is the ideal product to pamper yourself with. In addition, it is also good if you suffer from rashes on your skin or are sunburned. The best time to use body butter is in the evening or when you are not in a hurry. This is because that way you can give it a long time for the cream to soak in.

The best variant

The best body butter for you depends on the type of skin you have. These butters are designed for dry skin, this makes them extra nourishing and caring. A variant containing cocoa butter is ideal for dry and sensitive skin. It removes dead skin cells and if you use it regularly your skin will be soft and moisturized. Shea butter is important for hydration. It also keeps the skin elastic and contributes to blood circulation. If you have dry or sensitive skin, using body butter is a real recommendation.

Buy body butter at

Would you like to pamper your skin and have you found your favorite care at Then you can easily place an order through our webshop. If you buy multiple products with a value of € 35 or more, the shipping costs are completely free. If you place your order before 11:59 p.m. on Sunday through Friday, we will do our best to deliver it to your home the very next day. So convenient if you can't wait for that soft skin! Do you have questions about a product or other matters? Please contact our customer service. This is available Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 21:00 and on Saturday from 10:00 to 16:00. We are happy to help you!


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