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Skin Care

Good skin care starts at A wide range of cleansing and skin care products. So you can put together the best skin care routine and enjoy healthy and glowing skin.


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Best skin care

What products do you need and what is the best skin care for you? At you have a wide choice of skin care products. From daily care to that extra luxury for a wonderful relaxing moment.

For daily skin care, we recommend proper cleansing and care. So first cleanse your skin with a shower gel, body scrub or solid body bar, then it's time for care with a body butter, body lotion or skin oil.

In addition to this body care, there are of course products for extra protection and skin care. Think of sunscreen and after-sun. You can create an extra luxury moment with skin care by using rich bath oils or delicious body mist. You can give that care moment some extra luxury with fine fragrances.

Skincare for women

For many women, skin care is part of the daily routine and you have all kinds of products that keep your skin looking good. From oily or just dry skin, to wrinkles and impurities. For all skin problems, there are support products to help prevent and remedy them. The range of skin care for women is very extensive and has wonderful fragrances.

Skin care for men

For men, there are many types of specific skin care products. The most popular products are body wash and 3-in-1 shower products. Besides this, many skin care products are unisex and suitable for both men and women. You also have brands with specific skin care for men such as; Better Be bold, Framesi and 18.21 Man Made.

Skincare products

At Salontopper you can buy your favorite skin care products. We have a wide range and therefore a suitable product for every skin type. If you buy your skin care products before 23:59 (Sunday to Thursday, Friday before 22:00) then your order, if in stock, will be delivered tomorrow! In addition, every order over €35 will be shipped for free.


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