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Hydrogen peroxide hair

The combination of hydrogen peroxide and hair may sound unfamiliar, but it is a common method of lightening, or bleaching, your hair. Hydrogen peroxide is a chemical that helps open the hair cuticles, removing the natural pigments from the hair. This oxidising effect can lighten hair, from a darker shade to a blonde or even white shade. You shop hydrogen peroxide for hair from top brands such as Wella, Goldwell and KIS at


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Bleaching hair with hydrogen peroxide

Planning to use hydrogen peroxide for your hair? The proportions of colour cream and hydrogen peroxide depend on the desired effect for this type of hair colouring. For example, if you want very light hair then the percentage of hydrogen peroxide for hair and the colouring cream is higher than if you want to dye your hair darker. However, be careful with hydrogen peroxide: you bleach your hair, which is not very good for your hair. So always make sure your hair is well hydrated and cared for and do not bleach it when it is still recovering from the previous bleaching. has several caring hair products such as masks, serums and oils that will keep your bleached hair beautifully healthy!

Why hydrogen peroxide for hair bleaching

There are many reasons why people want to bleach their hair. Many people blonde their hair because they like to experiment with different hair colours. Some people want to change their natural hair colour, for example from dark brown to blonde. This can be done to create a younger or fresher look, or simply because they love the colour. Or people follow a certain trend in the fashion or beauty industry. Hydrogen peroxide for hair bleaching is then an easy and cheap way to get that colour into your hair.



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