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Fully trimmed or an undercut. A good pair of clippers can help you with it. We have a wide range of clippers of all brands. Both cordless clippers and clippers with a plug and in different sizes. We also have clipper accessories for you!


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Professional clippers

Clippers, of course, come in many different sizes, shapes and brands. With these, barbers and barbers create beautiful short haircuts, full of precision work and beautiful transitions. But what is a good hairdressing clipper and which brands are used by barbers. Professional and popular brands include Wahl, Moser and Babyliss Pro. According to many, these brands are among the best hair clippers.

Clippers Accessories

Hair clippers are suitable for coarse shaving. To cut at different settings, use the built-in attachment combs or separate attachment combs. Should you lose the comb on your trimmer, they are often available separately.

For a good shave or trim your clipper must be in top condition. It is therefore important to clean, lubricate and disinfect them properly. To do this, use professional maintenance sprays such as Blade Sprays and Clipper Oils. Often these combine lubrication and disinfection. This will keep the blades sharp and clean, keeping your skin healthier after using your clippers.

Clippers Cordless

Many still have a cord, but there are also many cordless clippers. The advantage is that you can of course use them anywhere as long as they are charged and you are not fumbling around with such a stupid cord. Whether a cordless or corded clipper is for you depends of course on how you use it. If you often use it in the same place then a cord is fine, but if you often take it with you when you are on the road, then it might be more convenient that the clippers are rechargeable.


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