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Hair clip

A hair clip is an indispensable product when cutting or styling hair. Hair clamps can be used by professional hair salons, but also simply by home hairdressers or individuals. With a clamp you secure your hair easily and ensure that you keep a good overview during, for example, cutting hair. In our assortment you will find hair clips of the best quality, which you can enjoy for a long time!

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Hair clips

A hair clip should stay in place and make sure your hair stays in the right place. They come in all shapes and sizes. You have "fashion" hair clips, but also hairdresser's hair clips. Fashion clamps give that little extra to your look, while a hairdresser's clamp is a must for cutting hair. Whatever type of clamp you are looking for; at Salontopper you will find high quality clamps that will last.

Hair Clip Barber

A hair clip is an indispensable product in the hair salon. For example, you need a hair clip to hold up part of the hair and dye the rest. When you use a clip to hold hair up, it is important that it has a strong grip and holds even thick and heavy hair together easily.

Best hair clip

As a (home) hairdresser or individual, of course you want to have the best hair clips in the house. At Salontopper you will find the best hair clips in different shapes and sizes. So you have the:

  • Comair verdeelklemmen: this clip is a must-have during a haircut. With the divider clip, you easily divide the hair into sections.
  • Framar Gator Grips: These rubber pins, with non-slip handle, ensure that the hair is kept well to the side. The clamps have a firm grip and can be used on both wet and dry hair.
  • Comair Hair Clip: with these large clips you easily divide the hair into zones while cutting, in addition they are also suitable for making capes fit. These fine clips come per 12 pieces.
  • Accessory clips: do you want to add something extra to your look or are you suffering from a bad hair day? Then you can also find lots of nice accessory hair clips to secure your hair! These come in different sizes and in all sorts of fun prints.



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