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Looking for a device to trim your facial hair? Then a hair trimmer is what you need. They work easily for tightening hair contours and trimming a mustache, beard or sideburns. There are many different types, but what in now the best trimmer? We're here to help.


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Hair trimmer & nose trimmer

With a hair trimmer you can keep contours, mustache, beard and sideburns nice and sleek. The devices are comfortable to hold and you can work very precisely. Most trimmers come with attachable caps to trim the hair to the desired length. Remember to maintain your device regularly for longer life!

The ear & nose trimmer is almost indispensable in the bathroom. These are specially made to trim hair in awkward places. Hairs unfortunately also grow in small places, these unfortunately cannot be removed with a large device. If you don't like unwanted hair, then this Moser Senso is right for you. Some devices also include an attachment brush for trimming the eyebrows.

The best trimmer

What is the best trimmer is hard to say. Do you have a short beard or stubble? Are you looking for a cordless or corded version? Would you like a multifunctional device with multiple attachments or one without extras? There are many different types and brands, but which one suits you best is personal. The runners up from are the Wahl Super 1592, Andis Profoil TS-2 Shaver Plus and Comair Black Expert.

Difference between a trimmer and a clipper

A clipper is suitable for coarser work. Think of shortening long(er) hair and a long beard. With a trimmer you can work more precisely. The teeth are closer together and the device is somewhat smaller. This is great for precise work, such as trimming a beard or mustache, as well as keeping contours sleek.

Maintaining a trimmer

It is important to maintain your trimmer regularly. Remove loose hair from the device and oil the blades well. This oil is very thin, liquid and non-greasy. Thus, hairs will not stick between the blades, keeping them sharp for longer. Maintenance of your favorite device is thus indispensable, to prolong its life. All maintenance products can also be ordered from us.


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