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System Professional
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System Professional

System Professional is the first brand to develop a product line that responds to individual hair needs. In 1974, Wella's parent company, System Professional, ensured that individual hair diagnoses were the guiding principle for the composition of the right care products. The products are ideal for home use and improve the condition of the hair.

Exclusive salon experience based on your hair condition

In the past 40 years System Professional has succeeded in creating a personal 'hair map' for the individual. On this basis the elasticity, health and vitality of the hair is analysed. This all depends on the amount of lipid in your hair. This substance improves the energy level of your hair. It also ensures that the cuticle is and remains integer and flexible. After this scan, more than 147 million combinations can be made from the range to suit your hair needs.

The most popular products from System Professional

It is not possible to choose one favourite product from the System Professional range. It is completely dependent on your hair type which products you need. You can find out by doing the individual hair analysis on the website of System Professional. The systems of System Professional are divided into three pillars. The Color Save products ensure the preservation of your beautiful hair colour and also protect the keratin structure. The Hydrate products ensure that you are hydrated and do not dry out. So there is a suitable System Professional product for everyone! Take a look at the extensive range.


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