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Nail polish

Create beautiful and well-groomed nails with the finest nail polish products. You apply it yourself easily and quickly on the natural nails. Shop the finest nail polish at and finish your look with matching nails.


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The perfect nail polish colors

The perfect color is different for everyone. Therefore, choose the nail polish colors that suit you. Do you like bright red, dark blue or do you prefer a subtle color, such as a nude shade? It's all possible. There are several colors available, so there is a favorite for everyone. Put together your own nail polish set with the nicest nail polish colors and other nail supplies. Go for your favorite base coat that will properly protect your nails from discoloration. Pick out some cool colors that will look great with your festive outfit or the color you can wear everyday. Then finish with a good top coat. This will make the color last longer and give you a nice shine. Paint the nails in your favorite color and enjoy beautiful nails with nail polish!

Applying nail polish

  • Step 1: File the nails to the desired length and shape. Then gently push back the cuticles.
  • Step 2: Degrease the nails with nail polish remover.
  • Step 3: Apply a coat of base coat to each nail.
  • Step 4: Let the base coat dry thoroughly.
  • Step 5: Apply your favorite color to the nails. Place the brush on the nail just before the cuticle. Stroke the brush toward your fingertip. From the center, also stroke to the left and then the right side of the nail. Do not take too much product, as it may run into the cuticle.
  • Step 6: Let the first color layer dry thoroughly.
  • Step 7: Apply a second color layer to the nails.
  • Step 8: Let this layer also dry and cure well.
  • Step 9: Next, apply the top coat.
  • Step 10: Allow this coat to dry thoroughly as well.
  • Step 11: Finish with cuticle oil and hand cream.
  • Step 12: Enjoy beautiful nails AND well-groomed hands.


  • Step 1: Apply remover to a cotton ball.
  • Step 2: Place the cotton ball with remover on the nails.
  • Step 3: Press it on and then leave on for a short time.
  • Step 4: Easily and quickly wipe your old color off the nails.
  • Step 5: Wash your hands well after using remover.
  • Step 6: Finish with a cuticle oil.

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