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Babyliss hairdryer brush

With the Babyliss Blow Dryer Brush you can style your hair in a variety of ways. Whether you want to dry your hair, curl it or give it some waves, the Babyliss hair dryer brush fulfills your hair desires. Babyliss is a trusted brand in the hair care industry and has several styling tools in its range. With the Babyliss hair dryer brush, you can effortlessly make your hair shiny and smooth. Discover the device at and enjoy various benefits.


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Operation Babyliss hairdryer brush

The Babyliss blow dry brush combines the power of a blow dryer with the functionality of a round brush, allowing you to dry and style your hair in one action. This tool is designed with different heat and speed settings, so you can choose the perfect combination to suit your hair type and desired style. Babyliss' blow dry brush allows you to effortlessly add volume, shine and smoothness to your hair. The round brush bristles provide a smooth and easy styling experience, allowing you to detangle hair while creating volume and texture. Whether you want a smooth, straight look or just want to add some wavy volume, the Babyliss blow dry brush offers multiple options.

Professional and home use

The Babyliss blow dry brush is not only suitable for professional hairdressers, but also for home use. Thanks to its convenient design, the hair dryer brush lies comfortably in the hand, allowing you to style your hair effortlessly. Furthermore, the device is made of good, lightweight materials. The long cord provides flexibility and freedom of movement during use. So you can style your hair the way you want.


Using the blow-dryer brush

The hair dryer brush from Babyliss is easy to use. The brush works best on towel dry hair. You can optionally apply heat protection to give your hair extra protection from the heat. Before you start, choose the desired heat and speed settings on the hair dryer brush. How you set them depends on your hair type and desired style. For curls, start at the roots of your hair and work toward the ends. Wrap your hair around the brush and slowly move the blow-dryer brush through your hair. For extra volume, you can lift the hair dryer brush toward the roots as you dry your hair. Repeat these steps until your hair is completely dry and styled. Then enjoy a beautiful look.



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