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American Crew

A popular brand of professional hair care for men is the cool American Crew. Styling products, hair care, beard care and body. These products can all be found at American Crew. As a man, you can build your complete grooming routine with American Crew! Read more >>


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American Crew
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Features American Crew

  • Professional brand
  • Specially for men
  • Strength of natural ingredients
  • Wide range

Features American Crew

  • Professional brand
  • Specially for men
  • Strength of natural ingredients
  • Wide range

American Crew hair care

'Official Supplier to Men': it is not for nothing that American Crew carries this all-important slogan. As a forerunner and trendsetter in the field of men's grooming, the brand has a clear mission. Through American Crew hair care, grooming and styling is becoming an increasingly important part of the daily life of the modern man. A broad trend that extends beyond age and origin.

The brand is the supplier for the better barber. If you also want a professional approach, try American Crew hair care. This originally American brand has been a leader in the field of external care for 30 years. From beard care to styling, everything is available from the brand. They continue to innovate, making them one of the world's most innovative and interesting companies as AC constantly pioneers style for men.

The products are based on natural ingredients that protect hair and scalp. Recently, the brand is innovating and the packaging is partially made with recycled plastic and the formulas are also going through a change and there is now also a section of vegan American Crew hair care.

American Crew hair products

The brand has become known for its American Crew hair products. In fact, it has many different types of shampoos and 3-in-1s for the shower. With, for example, an anti-hair loss variant, but also a silver shampoo especially for men. Thus, the brand offers hair care for specific problems you may have with your hair and scalp.

American Crew Styling

American Crew styling also has an extensive range for all kinds of different styles. The brand offers the traditional styling products, such as pomade, gel and wax. But also has newer forms for other styles and hairstyles, such as cream, volumizing powder, paste and clay. Suitable for a matte finish or just natural volume. Thus, the brand has something for everyone.

American Crew Products

In addition to hair products, there are other American Crew products for men. In addition to shampoos and conditioners, the brand also offers body wash for in the shower and moisturizer for skin care. By extension, it also has a special shaving line. This includes all kinds of products for beard care, beard styling, shaving products and facial care. So the brand really offers a complete grooming range for men!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is American Crew vegan?

Some products are vegan! A number of formulas were revised in 2021 and since then these products have been vegan. Below are the American Crew vegan products:

How do you use American Crew Pomade?


  • Step 1: Apply a small amount of pomade to towel-dried hair.
  • Step 2: massage the pomade into the hair with your palm.
  • Step 3: Then style with a brush or comb.



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