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Tanning mitt

A tanning mitt is a type of washcloth that allows you to apply self-tanner easily and gradually. Self-tanner is a product for getting a little tan without having to lie in the sun. If you have taken good care of your body and use a tanning mitt to apply the self-tanner, you will not get any spots. Using a tanning mitt also keeps your hands nice and clean. Discover our assortment and enjoy your uniform tan.


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Why use a tanning mitt?

Applying self-tanning is not always simple and beautiful. It's important to follow the instructions for use so you don't get spots or streaks. Furthermore, it can help you to use a tanning mitt. This is a kind of cloth or glove that you can use to apply the product. It ensures good distribution and your hands stay clean. A tanning mitt comes with some brands in the packaging of the self-tanner; the gloves are also available separately.

How do you use a tanning mitt?

You can use a tanning mitt with your favorite self-tanner. After you have washed and taken care of your skin, you can start applying the product. You put on the mitt and then you apply the self-tanner to the mitt. Then you can massage the self-tanner onto your skin so that the product is evenly distributed. Some brands of self-tanner come with a special tanning mitt, such as the Solaris Solkiss Applicator Mitt. This special mitt allows you to take care of your skin before putting on the self-tanner. One side of the mitt removes dead skin cells and the other side is meant to massage the self-tanner in. So always read carefully the instructions for use of the product before you start applying it.

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