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Babyliss Pro Hair Dryer

Surely no one has time to always let their hair dry on the luct. A hair dryer is therefore an absolute must. But of course you do not want the blow drying to damage your hair, so you are looking for a good professional hairdryer. With a Babyliss Pro hair dryer you bring quality, expertise, high technology and ease of use into your home. Discover at the suitable Babyliss hair dryer for you!


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Hair dryer Babyliss

Professional stylists and hairdressers discovered it years ago, but with a Babyliss hair dryer you get beautiful results. With a powerful motor ensures that the hair dries quickly and you can easily style it. The minimum power of 1800 watts of a Babyliss hair dryer pro has enough power to dry your hair well. With this power you ensure that the hair is not too long exposed to the hot air, because this can damage the hair.

Babyliss Ionic

After blow-drying your hair can become static, here Babyliss Pro has found the solution with the Ionic Technology. The Babyliss Ionic hair dryers are equipped with an ion generator that ensures that the air is less statically charged. This makes your hair less likely to become static and easy to style! In addition, the hair gets a smooth and shiny appearance!


Of course, a good hair dryer always comes with the necessary accessories. Different nozzles and a diffuser are the best known accessories. With a flat wide nozzle you create a directed airflow that makes it easier to aim and style. Here you can also use a blow dryer brush to get certain styles into the hair more easily.

A diffuser is an attachment that you can use especially for curly hair. The wide attachment with several passages creates a dispersed, diffused, distribution of air, making it less hot and strong on the hair. This way, you can also blow dry close to the roots without your scalp getting too hot.


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