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Salon furniture

Salonfurniture is indispensable within your salon interior and helps you create a professional and stylish look. At, you will find many different pieces of salon furniture to complete your salon.


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Buying salon furniture: what should you look out for?

There are a number of things to consider when buying furniture for your salon. First, determine exactly what furniture you have left. These include a hairdryer holder, work trolley, stacking trolley, hand mirror and neck and elevation cushions. In addition, make sure you consider the space available in your salon and the style you want to create.

Hairdryer holder: indispensable in every salon

A hairdryer holder is not only a stylish, but also a practical addition to your salon. It provides more workspace and safe storage. It also keeps your hairdryer better protected from damage and wear and tear.

Bunk boy: space-saving and practical

A stacking boy is an indispensable piece of furniture in every salon. It creates extra storage space for essentials such as towels, combs, brushes and other accessories. It also makes sure you always have your materials within easy reach. Choose a stacking trolley that matches the rest of your salon furniture and enjoy a tidy workplace.

Hand mirror: indispensable for your customers

A hand mirror is an important part of your salon furniture. Thanks to this mirror, clients are able to see the result of your work and discuss any adjustments.

Neck and head cushions: extra comfort for your clients

Finally, neck and elevation cushions are indispensable for providing extra comfort to your customers. With these cushions, you ensure that your customers can sit comfortably and relaxed during their treatment. Choose good quality cushions that ensure a comfortable experience for your customers.

Looking for the perfect furniture for your salon? At, you will find a wide range of salon furniture that perfectly suits your needs. Take a look at our range and complete your salon!


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