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Hair extensions

With hair extensions you can create the length and volume of your dreams! Extensions are easy to apply and make your hair beautifully long and full. At Salontotal you will find high quality extensions in different lengths and colors.

Hair Extension

Have you always wanted long and full hair, but your hair doesn't grow very fast or is thin? Then hair extensions are the solution. Hair extensions are hair extensions that are attached to your own hair. They can be made of things like nylon or polyester (synthetic extensions) or real hair. Those made of 100% natural hair are a lot better for your own locks. Extensions come in lots of different colors and sizes. There is also a difference in the attachment of the hair extension.

Types of hair extensions

How you attach them to your hair differs for each hair extension. Some different types are:

  • Clip-in extensions: these are strips of hair with clips on the top. You can take them on and off whenever you want; because you clip them right into your hair! Application is completely painless.
  • Flip-in hair : is an entire strip of hair attached to a fishing line. This gives you a full head of hair within half a minute.
  • Weave: this hair piece is attached to your own hair with needle and thread. Often the own hair is first braided and then the weave is applied.
  • Bonding: here the hair extension is glued to your own hair using special glue and heat tongs. This must be done by a professional hairdresser.
  • Tape: here, tufts of real hair are attached to double-sided tape. The tufts can be glued to the hair thanks to the double-sided tape, no heat is needed.



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