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Gel polish

Would you like beautifully painted nails, but ordinary nail polish never stays on properly? Then gel polish is the solution. You can apply it to the natural nail, but also to acrylic or gel nails. You can choose from various colours that you can enjoy for at least 2-3 weeks. The nails look groomed and feel stronger. You want this too, don't you? Read more >


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Gel polish nails

Would you like well-kept nails that you don't really have to look after? Then gel polish is what you need. You paint the nails in your favourite colour and then enjoy them for 2 to 3 weeks. After application, you can move on immediately as the polish is hardened the moment the nails come out of the lamp. Applying gel polish takes some time, but by doing it regularly you will become more skilled and create your perfect gel polish nails. Do you prefer one colour or do you like nail art? With gel polish, it's all possible.

Best gel polish

The best gel polish is different for everyone. Look for what you like to work with. The best gel polish colour is also very personal. Are you a fan of a neat but inconspicuous manicure or do you prefer a bright colour? We have a wide range of gel polish colours, you can find them under NailPerfect UPVOTED Soak Off Gelpolish and check out all colour variants. Many colours can also be combined for nail art.

How to use gel polish

Before you can start using gel polish, it is important that you have everything you need. Look carefully at what you need for each product. Very important is a good UV or Led lamp, because gel polish must always be cured. When using a UV lamp, you need to cure all layers for 120 seconds and with a LED lamp for 60 seconds. If gel polish does not stay on your nails very well, make sure you follow all the steps correctly. This is important for a good adhesion. Make sure you never paint on the skin, as this will cause the polish to come off much quicker.

  • Step 1: file your nails into the desired shape and length.
  • Step 2: gently push your cuticles back with a cuticle pusher or bok paw.
  • Step 3: gently roughen the nails so that there are no more sheets on the nail. Use a nail buffer to do this.
  • Step 4: degrease the nails if necessary.
  • Step 5: for good adhesion, you can use a primer.
  • Step 6: apply the base coat and harden it under an LED or UV lamp.
  • Step 7: apply your favourite gel polish colour to the nails. Harden this again under the lamp.
  • Step 8: apply a second colour coat and then harden it again. If you still don't find the colour opaque enough, apply another coat until you are satisfied.
  • Step 9: finish with a top coat. This can be a glossy or matt top coat. This layer should also be cured under the lamp.
  • Step 10: remove the adhesive layer with a cleaner if necessary.
  • Step 11: finish with a lovely cuticle oil to condition the skin again.

Gel polish removal

It is important to remove gel polish properly. If you don't do this, you may end up damaging your own nails.

  • Step 1: file off the gloss layer of the polish.
  • Step 2: use a remover with acetone to soak off the gel polish faster. Apply this to a cotton ball and place it on the nail.
  • Step 3: apply a piece of foil to the cotton ball and finger. Repeat for all fingers. Tip: you can also do one hand first.
  • Step 4: let it soak for about 10 minutes.
  • Step 5: remove the foil and cotton wool.
  • Step 6: push the leftover gel polish off the nail with a cuticle pusher. Do this gently. Is the polish still too sticky? Apply another cotton ball with acetone and let the polish soak for a while more.
  • Step 7: Wash your hands when you have finished removing it.
  • Step 8: Apply a cuticle oil to repair and care for the skin.

Frequently asked questions

How do I remove gel nail polish?

You can remove gel polish by first gently roughing up the top layer with a file. Then soak a cotton pad in acetone and place it on your nail, wrap it in aluminium foil and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Once it is soft enough, you can gently remove it with a bok paw.

How long does gel polish last?

Gel polish can usually stay on for 2-3 weeks. It depends on several external things such as your nail growth and daily activities. It stays longer than regular nail polish because of its curing under a UV or LED lamp, but eventually it will grow out or wear off and need to be removed.

How to remove gel polish?

To remove gel polish, first file the top layer carefully. Then soak a cotton pad in acetone and place it on your nail, wrap it with aluminium foil and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Gently remove the gel polish with a bok paw. Moisturise your nails afterwards to avoid drying out.

What is gel polish?

Gel polish is a nail polish product that is cured under UV or LED light. This gives it more colour and shine, usually for 2-3 weeks. It is applied like regular nail polish, but the curing process makes it last longer. It also prevents chipping. Gel polish is becoming popular for manicures because of its long-lasting results and glossy finish.

How to apply gel polish?

Gel polish application can be time-consuming. Start by buffing and cleaning the nails with acetone. Then apply a basecoat of gel polish and let it harden under UV or LED light. Next, apply the desired colour lacquer in thin layers, each curing. Finish with a topcoat and let harden again. Some topcoats bring a sticky layer with them, you can take this off with alcohol.

Which gel polish is best?

What is the best gel polish varies according to personal preferences and nail needs. Brands like NailPerfect can be found in our range. It is important to look at colours, how long it lasts and adhesion properties to choose the right gel polish for individual needs and tastes.

How does gel polish work?

Gel polish is a special nail polish that cures under UV or LED light. Upon application, each layer of gel polish is cured, creating a strong bond. This ensures long-lasting colour and prevents chipping. Gel polish offers a glossy and durable finish that can last for weeks.

Gel polish how long under the lamp?

Gel polish is usually cured under a UV light lamp for 2 minutes per coat or under an LED lamp for 60 seconds per coat, depending on the brand and ingredients. It also depends on the position of your lamp. The curing process is important for a durable and glossy finish of the gel polish.

What do you need for gel polish?

To apply gel polish, you will need: gel polish in the desired colour, a base and top coat, a UV or LED lamp for curing, nail polish remover with acetone, a trowel, file and cotton pads. Ensure nails are clean and a well-ventilated room for best results.

Why doesn't gel polish stay on?

Gel polish can come off or wear off quickly if nails are not prepared properly. Grease and oil residues should be removed properly. Insufficient curing under the UV or LED lamp can also cause problems. Nail biting, frequent water contact and careless use can also contribute to early loosening of gel polish.


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