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About us

Salontotal is the international branch of Trading Toppers.

At Salontotal, we work closely every day with our entire team to create the best online salon experience for customers. We do this by continuously expanding our product range, always responding as quickly as possible to customers and by having fun at work. We think this is one of the most important things there is: it should be fun to work. That's why we enjoy serving our customers every day! We make sure that you can buy all your products at a fair price, get them quickly and get all the information you need about them.

Besides our webshops, we are also very proud of our salon TEASE, where we can share our expertise and love for the profession. TEASE is an extension of the webshop where customers can experience our products combined with the perfect salon experience. Thanks to our advice, every customer walks out of the salon with a big, well-rested smile.


What do we stand for? 

Your favourite products at a fair price

At Salontotal, we find it important to be honest with you. We value honesty and openness and will therefore always give you a fair price for our products. In addition, we always ensure that our product range matches your wishes and needs. When you are happy, we are happy!

Comprehensive information, explanations and inspiration about your products

While shopping, you will find extensive information on our website and on our social media channels about our products! Scroll through our blogs to find the right shampoo for your hair and finish with our Instagram channel for the best hair tutorials and refreshing hair and beauty inspiration. Need personal advice? Our expert customer service is ready for you and will gladly provide you with advice and explanations.

Your products delivered in no time

And while you're checking out the cool content, your order suddenly arrives at home! We make sure that when you order before 9 pm, your order will be shipped today! And yes, this also applies to the weekend. Because our business processes have been further optimized over the years and we continue to develop, we have been able to ensure that you can always count on us.

Who are the people behind the company and how did we get started?

The birth of Trading Toppers

Trading Toppers was born because our director once started in his attic room buying and selling different types of hair products. Step by step this became a success and the demand for hair and beauty products grew steadily. This was successfully anticipated: In no time at all, Trading Toppers became the market leader in the beauty sector in the Netherlands. We also have a B2B department, read more about it here.

The Trading Toppers team

The Trading Toppers team now consists of more than 50 top people who work hard every day and also like to party. For example, we love ordering sushi at Friday afternoon drinks parties, we host a huge themed party every year at Christmas to celebrate Trading Toppers and the people behind the company and we have fun company outings every year to work on team building (and celebrating parties). Working at Trading Toppers is never boring and this has really made us grow into a real Trading Toppers family over the years. 


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