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Hair perfume

Hair perfume is not just a way to give your hair a wonderful scent, but it also offers benefits beyond just that nice smell. With the different options we offer, there is a perfect match for everyone. Add it to your hair routine and experience the benefits.


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What is hair perfume?

Hair perfume, also known as hair mist or hair perfume, is a specially designed product to give your hair a fresh and pleasant scent without damaging it. Unlike a regular perfume, hair perfume contains ingredients that condition and protect the hair.

The function of hair perfume

Unlike a traditional perfume and body spray, hair perfume is formulated to refresh the hair without weighing it down or damaging it. This is because they
usually contain less or even no alcohol and are enriched with nourishing ingredients that moisturise, protect and care for the hair.

Besides the wonderful fragrance, it offers protection against harmful external influences and helps maintain hair colour. Using hair perfume can also prolong the feeling of freshness between washes.

The difference between traditional perfume and hair perfume? Traditional perfume often contains alcohol. When you spray this into your hair, it can dry out your hair. If you have coloured your hair, it can even make your hair colour fade faster.

The benefits of hair perfume

Hair perfume masks and neutralises unwanted odours like smoke, keeping your hair smelling fresh. In addition, most hair perfumes contain moisturising ingredients that help keep
hair soft and supple, some of which even protect against UV rays and pollution. This makes your hair less likely to be damaged by external factors. The product can also help give hair a beautiful shine. This is due to the nourishing oils and ingredients.

The ingredients of hair perfume

Our hair perfumes contain nourishing ingredients like vitamin E, argan oil and silk protein. These ingredients provide the above benefits such as hydration, nourishment and protection against any external damage.

Different brands and scents of hair perfume

In our range, you will find different hair perfumes, each with their unique scents and benefits. Whereas the hair perfume from Moroccanoill is a mix of spicy amber and sweet floral notes, the variant from Alfaparf has a floral scent. Choosing a fragrance is personal. By comparing the scent of your traditional perfume with the options in our hair perfume range, you will find the perfect match.

How to use hair perfume

Using hair perfume is simple. First of all, it is important to shake the bottle before use. Hold the bottle about 15 to 20 centimetres from your hair. Then you can spray over the lengths and ends of your hair with a
flowing motion. When doing so, avoid the roots to prevent your hair from getting greasy quickly. Decide when to apply the perfume again, this can also be the same day.

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Hair perfume is a great addition to your hair routine, especially if you are looking for a way to keep your hair fresh and care for it at the same time. With the right use, you can not only make your hair smell great, but also protect it and make it shine.



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