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When you want really nice straight hair, a straightener is your best friend. has a wide range of high quality straighteners. Whether you have thick or thin hair and whether you want to style your hair daily or only occasionally. Take a quick look at our selection and make your choice. Are you unsure about the best option? We are happy to help you choose the best straightener for your hair.


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Straightener with ceramic plates

Do you want extra protection for your hair? Then choose a straightener with ceramic plates. This is because they give your hair extra protection from the heat. They also heat up faster and make your hair extra smooth and shiny. This type is especially suitable for people with thin or medium-thick hair.

Note: a straightener with ceramic coating is different from a straightener with ceramic plates. This is because the coating is laid on an aluminum substrate and can wear off over time. This is only if you use it very often, though. If you use the straightener only a few times a month, a ceramic coating is also a good choice.

Cordless straighteners

Need a straightener on the go? Then it's convenient if you have a cordless one. You easily charge them at home and take them with you. A good cordless straightener will last up to an hour, so you can style your hair on the go with peace of mind. It's also a handy gadget for traveling because you don't need an outlet!

Steam straightener

To damage your hair less, choosing a steam straightener is also definitely a good choice. Because of the steam, your hair is well protected and moisturized while styling. So not only will you have beautifully straight hair, but your hair will also stay firmer and healthier. Also with steam straighteners, you simply have a choice of different temperatures, and again it is wise to start with a low temperature to gradually get to the right setting.

Take care of your hair

Make sure that when you style your hair, it is well cared for. This is because the heat from a straightener can be harmful to your hair if you don't use the right products. In any case, always use a heat protection product so that your hair is protected. In addition, a straightener with ceramic plates is recommended, it damages the hair much less. A big no-go is to use it on wet hair: your hair will burn immediately! Wash your hair well beforehand (preferably twice), use a conditioner, apply the heat protection products and blow dry your hair thoroughly while combing it through.

Can also be used for curls

The word suggests otherwise, but straighteners are also often used to create curls. Make sure you have one whose ceramic plate rounds off. Wrap your hair around the straightener at the bottom and pull it through. This way you will create a polished blow or curl at the bottom of your hair. Always check carefully in advance if your straightener is suitable for making curls! However, regardless of hair type, always start with the lowest setting when styling for the first time. If you are not satisfied, use a higher setting next time. This way you make sure you don't expose your hair to too much heat unnecessarily!

Need help choosing?

Finding the right straightener can be tricky, so don't hesitate to ask for our help, if you're not sure! Our experts know all about it and can tell you exactly what the right choice is for your hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

How hot should straighteners be?

How hot a straightener should be depends on the thickness of your hair. For thin hair, we recommend a maximum of 180 degrees. Do you have thick hair? Then you can go for higher temperatures, but always test in steps how hot you can go. You don't want to immediately ruin your hair if it turns out thinner than you thought.

Are straighteners the same as curling irons?

No, but there are tongs that allow you to perform both actions. A curling iron is generally round and a straightener is flat. And of course the purpose is different, with a curling iron you create curls, with a straightener you want to achieve just the opposite.

How often should you use straighteners?

How often you can use a straightener depends on the thickness of your hair, but in any case, we recommend not doing it daily. The heat from the straightener damages the hair and your hair needs time to recover. If you notice that your hair is getting damaged, then you should use your straightener less often.

How much do straighteners cost? offers straighteners from €24,95, so it certainly does not have to be expensive! Note that the cheaper straighteners are meant for people who use them less often. Want to know what the best straightener for your hair is? Then consult our customer service, or ask your hairdresser for advice.


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