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Do you ever suffer from split ends? Then the Splitender is the perfect solution for you! With this handy device you remove split ends in no time, without having to visit the salon. The device comes in handy size and is easy to use. Thanks to the splitender, you can say goodbye to split ends!

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Fix split ends

There are many types of styling tools that you can use to style your hair beautifully, but did you know that there is also a tool that will help you get rid of split ends? This is the Splitender!

Split ends occur when the outer layer of your hair is damaged, resulting in small damaged hair ends. This can have several causes, for example, your hair gets damaged from frequent brushing or the use of heat tools. When your hair ends are split, you cannot fully repair them. The best option is to cut the split ends with a split end tool, for example.

Talavera Split-Ender Pro

Split ends are a thing of the past with the Talavera Split-Ender Pro! This handy device ensures that your split ends are cut in no time. The Split-Ender removes split ends along the length of the hair. A hairdresser knows that there are several tricks for this, but because the Split-Ender does all the work for you, this tool makes the process much easier for the consumer! Because of the special technology in the device, it cuts only the damaged and split ends of the hair. With the use of the Split-Ender, you preserve the length of the hair, but make sure it feels smooth again and is beautifully shiny! The total treatment takes less than 30 minutes.

What can you do about split ends?

Do you want to reduce split ends? Then there are a few things you can do! First, use good hair care, such as conditioner. A conditioner conditions and moisturizes your hair and makes your hair less likely to break. It is also important not to brush your hair when it is completely wet, as this will cause brittle patches that can cause split ends more quickly. Finally, also make regular visits to the hairdresser and get your hair ends trimmed, this will keep your hair healthy.


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