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LED / UV lamps

Are you a professional nail stylist or want to look after your own gel nails at home? Then LED/uv lamps are indispensable in your toolkit. These versatile devices offer numerous advantages for curing gel nails. read more >


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The benefits of an LED / UV lamp

These versatile devices offer numerous advantages for curing gel nails:

  • Fast curing: LED/uv lamps ensure fast and efficient curing of gel nails
  • Even results: the lamps distribute the light evenly for a perfect finish
  • Long service life: quality lamps last for years with regular use
  • User-friendly: easy to set and operate for maximum convenience

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Frequently asked questions

What is a UV LED lamp?

A UV LED lamp is a device used for curing UV-sensitive materials, such as gel nail polish. It contains LED lights that produce ultraviolet light. When nails are placed under the UV LED lamp, the UV-sensitive materials react to the light and cure. They are widely used in nail salons and at home to create special nails.


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