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Color rinse

A color rinse has many advantages. You hardly suffer from outgrowth because the color fades more and more after several washes. This also allows you to try out a different color more often! Don't like the color? Then it's out again with just a few washes. Also, after using a rinse your hair feels healthier than when you dye it and it also shines more.


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Hair color rinse

With a rinse, you add pigment to your hair and can create warmer or cooler shades. You wash this pigment out of your hair after three to six washes. It contains a lot less aggressive ingredients than hair dye and is therefore gentler on your hair. For example, is your hair very damaged after many dyes, but you still want a fresh and new color? Then choose a rinse and your hair will thank you!

Do you want to keep your color as long as possible? Then we advise you to be careful with chlorinated water and sunlight. Both chlorinated water and the sun will fade your color, which will quickly cause you to see less of your color. Take good care of your hair by moisturizing it with a fine hair mask, for example, and you will be able to enjoy your beautiful new hair color for a long time.

Color rinse at the hairdresser's

A color rinse is often used in the hair salon. Among other things, the hairdresser uses it to correct the hair color and make it completely as desired. There are different types that a hairdresser can use. For example, you have a strong or a weak rinse; a strong one stays on for many washes, while you wash out a weak one with 3 to 10 washes. In addition to those from the hairdresser, there are also fine color rinses for home use!

A good color rinse

It is important to choose a good quality color rinse so that the color will turn out well and you can enjoy the results longer. In addition to a color rinse, there are also fine color conditioners and color masks, among other things, with which you can give your hair a beautiful color tint. A color conditioner and/or color mask, in addition to the color pigment, also has very nurturing properties and you apply them like regular conditioners and masks. Thanks to a color conditioner or color mask, you enjoy impressive results with minimal effort.


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