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Babyliss straightener

Styled hair without damage: with the Babyliss straightener it can be done. Due to the user-friendly coating that the device has, the Babyliss straightener glides easily through your hair without damaging it. Furthermore, the Babyliss straightener is enormously safe to use due to its long cord and automatic shut-off function, among other things. Discover Salontopper's range and enjoy your styled hair.


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Features of a Babyliss straightener

Babyliss straighteners are very popular because of their professional quality and because they are easy to use. A main feature of the Babyliss straightener is the ceramic coating. This coating ensures that the straightener heats up evenly so that no heat spots are left on the hair, as this can damage it. In addition, the ceramic coating ensures that your straightener glides easily over the hair, giving it a smooth and shiny appearance.

Characteristics of a Babyliss straightener

The straightener from Babyliss is easy to use due to, among other things, the temperature control and an automatic shut-off function. With the temprature controller you set the heat. When setting, you can take into account the thickness and texture of your hair. This can be fine if you have fine or damaged hair, because by lowering the temprature you prevent further damage. The automatic shut-off feature is a handy safety feature. It prevents the device from getting too hot without being used. Furthermore, Babyliss products have other handy features such as an extra long cord or a digital screen that shows the temprature.

Why a Babyliss straightener?

The Babyliss straightener is a reliable and high-quality straightener that makes your hair smooth and shiny. A great advantage of the straightener is that it can be used for all hair types. In addition, you can use it very easily: you plug it in, set the temperature, and start styling your hair when the device has warmed up. To prevent hair damage, you can use the straightener in combination with heat protective hair spray. Furthermore, you can easily clean the Babyliss straightener with a damp cloth. This extends its lifespan and removes any residue from hair care products.



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