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Reuzel is Dutch pride! Leen and Bertus, who created Reuzel, were already cutting men's hair when they were 14. Love for classic barbering and rock 'n roll were the clue to opening their own barber shop. In addition to this barbershop, they also developed their own pomades which led to the Reuzel brand. Pomades, of course, really belong with barber shop looks. This was followed by other hair, shaving and skin products. Read more >>


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Features Reuzel

  • Brand for men
  • Popular pomades
  • Beard and shaving care

Features Reuzel

  • Brand for men
  • Popular pomades
  • Beard and shaving care

Reuzel products

In the barbershop, the brand has become indispensable and really suits the Barbershop audience. You will find greasers, rockers, bikers and the Rotterdam barbers and have now developed the best styling products that meet the requirements of these "fine gentleman scumbags," as the gentlemen themselves call them. And, of course, their own. Reuzel was created after years of research and more than 50 years of experience in the Barbering business. In recent years, Reuzel has greatly expanded its range to include:

  • Styling products
  • Beard care
  • Shaving products
  • Hair care
  • Skin care

From these collections, of course, are some favorites. The Reuzel Beard Balm is a good example of beard care. It conditions, moisturizes and softens your beard. The special formula combats beard dandruff and itching and ensures thicker beard hair growth. Furthermore, the balm has a medium hold wardoor it tames wild hairs and shapes your beard. The Reuzel Beard Balm is enriched with shea butter and argan oil.

Reuzel hair products

Among the Reuzel hair products, there are many toppers, but they are really known for their popular pomades. The Reuzel Strong Hold High Sheen Pomade (Blue) 35gr is an example. This pomade is water-based and therefore easily washable. Nevertheless, this pomade has as strong a hold as a wax or oil-based pomade! The blue Reuzel pomade has a high shine, does not dry out so it will not flake and has a subtle vanilla and wood scent.

In addition to the popular styling products, there are other Reuzel hair products. For example, the brand has several shampoos and conditioners for the daily care of your hair. What is also increasingly used are grooming tonics for styling hair with a blow dryer.


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