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ZAO Make Up

Zao is the first refillable makeup brand which is certified organic, in addition the products are also 100% natural & Vegan. Zao makeup is as effective as traditional cosmetics but with respect for nature and your health. Are you looking for a fine blush, liquid foundation or a bronzing powder? At Zao you will find it all! Read more >>


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Features ZAO

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Certified organic
  • Sustainable
  • Vegan & Cruelty free
  • Rechargeable makeup
  • Bamboo packaging
  • Respects your health and nature

Features ZAO

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Certified organic
  • Sustainable
  • Vegan & Cruelty free
  • Rechargeable makeup
  • Bamboo packaging
  • Respects your health and nature

About ZAO make up

Zao make up was created in 2011 by founder David Reccole. He was inspired by Eastern philosophies, especially Buddhism and their way of thinking. Because of this, nature is strongly reflected in the products and also in the packaging, as they are made of bamboo. Zao is the first brand who brought refillable makeup to the market. The products are composed exclusively of natural ingredients, such as vegetable oils, waxes and plant extracts. The texture, durability, color and comfort of the makeup is as powerful as traditional cosmetics. There are often doubts whether natural makeup is just as effective... It is definitely just as effective and also better for your skin and nature! The organic ingredients are certified organic by Ecocert. In short, Zao offers quality makeup and a wide range from eye shadows to lipsticks.

Sustainable packaging

The eco-design of Zao make up is the core of its thinking, as the packaging is made of bamboo. Bamboo is an ecological resource, it grows quickly and grows without using fertilizers or pesticides. In addition, compared to a tree, bamboo takes only 4 to 5 years to grow. It is also a reusable material whose use has very little impact on the environment!

The products of Zao make up

At Zao make up you can find all types of makeup, think of a primer, eyeshadow or a beautiful lipstick. Read more about some of Zao's products below.

Zao Compact Powder

Easily even out your skin and mattify your complexion with this fine organic compact powder. The compact powder blends naturally with your skin. The even and matte complexion is created by minorized bamboo powder that is rich in silica. The silica content re-mineralizes and hydrates the skin which contributes to skin regeneration. It also reduces the shine of oily skin. In addition to smoothing your skin and leaving a beautiful complexion, it also provides softening, hydration and protects against free radicals. Available in six shades!

Compact Poeder Zao

Zao Liquid Foundation

Go for a beautiful complexion and even skin with the liquid foundation. Even though it evens out your skin, it still lets your skin breathe. Its organic formulation consists entirely of ingredients of natural origin including bamboo hydrolate and organic aloe Vera. In addition to smoothing your skin, it also has soothing and moisturizing properties. The foundation is suitable for all skin types and available in 11 shades.

Zao vloeibare foundation

Zao make up Mascara

Zao has a variety of mascaras. Will you go for volume & sheating mascara that thickens your lashes and gives more volume or the Aloe vera mascara that makes your lashes stronger and is suitable for sensitive eyes? There are six different types of mascaras, take a good look at what suits you.


Zao Lip Gloss

Give your lips a beautiful tint with one of seven organic lip glosses. It gives a beautiful soft and natural color with a bright effect. You can also choose to apply the lip gloss over a lipstick. Thanks to the added cocoa butter, it also offers comfort to your lips.

Zao Vegan Lipgloss


Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Zao come from?

The products are produced in Europe. Some are produced in Milan, but also in France and the Czech Republic. This is also neatly indicated on the product label.

Are Zao's products perfumed?

The brand uses a small amount of perfume. They use only hypoallergenic ingredients and 100% natural fragrance.

Is Zao Vegan and Cruelty free?

Zao makeup is vegan and cruelty free. As such, they have obtained the label vegan from the organization PETA. The products are tested on a panel of people between the ages of 20 and 60 and therefore not on animals.

Are Zao's products as effective as conventional makeup?

Organic cosmetics are as effective as non-organic cosmetics. An organic cosmetic product has more active ingredients. This means, for example, that it works for a particular skin type or has a caring effect on the skin. Because of this, organic cosmetics have more advantages over non-organic cosmetics. In addition, there are limits with organic cosmetics ... It is difficult to develop waterproof makeup and create deep red colors.

Do ZAO products contain aluminum?

The products do not contain aluminum.


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