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In our extensive assortment you will find tools with which you can style your hair perfectly. By using the right curling iron, hair dryer or straightener you can create that perfect curl or style your hair. We also have different hair clippers and trimmers to style your hair, beard, mustache and/or sideburns. Choose from our different accessories such as cutting heads, brushes and combs to make the end result even more beautiful!


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The finest hair tools for you

In our assortment you will find many types of different styling tools and tool accessories. A tool is a must-have product for styling your hair or beard. With a curling iron, for example, you can create a lot of extra volume and with a trimmer you can easily shape your beard. On this page you will find all the tools you need to create or update your (desired) hair style. To style your hair nicely after styling, you will also find many fine combs and brushes.

Always remember that when using heat tools you need to protect your hair with a heat protector!

Hair dryer and blow-dryer brush

With a hair dryer you can dry your hair easily and in a short time. Thanks to the warm airflow from the hair dryer, your hair dries a lot faster than when you let it air dry. Also, a blow dryer ensures that your hair retains its elasticity and it becomes more voluminous. Do you have curls? Then choose a hair dryer with a diffuser. A diffuser is an attachment, with multiple pins, that makes sure the hair stays in place while blow-drying. So you avoid frizzy hair!

Do you want volume from the roots? Then use a blow-dryer brush. This creates a voluminous head of hair; your hair has more body and looks fuller. With a blow-dryer brush you can also very easily create a beautiful blow-out look! The best blow-dryer brush for your hair shop at Salontopper. Go for example for the Babyliss Föhnborstel.

Besides blow dry brushes you also have round brushes that you can use when blow drying your hair. These provide volume and give the hair a nice blow.

Curling iron and straightener

When the hair is dry you can style it. You can style it with straightening irons or give it volume and nice curls with curling irons.

A straightener makes the hair smooth and shiny. The tool often heats up within a few minutes and glides easily through hair thanks to its plates. The best straightener for your hair can be found at Salontopper. For example, choose the Chi stijltang. This fine straightener is suitable for all hair types and provides not only straight hair but also a beautiful shine.

Beautiful curls are created with a curling iron! This round iron heats up and makes your hair fall into a beautiful wave. A curling iron comes in different diameters, so depending on the size you can create large or small curls.

Clippers and trimmers

A clipper or trimmer allows you to rip your hair to the desired length or finish a beard neatly.

A clipper is actually the larger version of a trimmer. This tool has a powerful motor and allows you to easily shave off long and/or thick hair. Fully trimmed or an undercut; a good pair of clippers can help you with it. They come both cordless and with a plug and in different sizes. A fine clipper that lasts a long time is the Wahl tondeuse.

With a trimmer, you can easily trim the contours of hair or beard and keep a mustache/beard/ sideburns sleek. This tool fits easily in the hand and often comes with several attachments to trim the hair to the desired length. For example, a quality good trimmer is the Comair trimmer.

In addition to a trimmer for head and beard hair, you also have them for ear and nose hair. So do you not like unwanted hair? Then this Moser Senso, among others, is right for you!

It is important to properly maintain your clippers and trimmer and occasionally replace the cutting head or charging station (should it be empty) ! For clippers and trimmer accessories you can contact us.


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