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Hair oil

A hair oil nourishes the hair and leaves it feeling silky smooth. A good hair oil contains conditioning products that soak deep into the hair, restoring your hair's shine and making it less static. Among other things, the product protects against moisture and reduces frizzy hair. At you will find hair oils for every hair type!


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The best hair oil

Do you have dry, dull or lifeless hair and would like to have shiny and healthy locks? Then a hair oil offers the solution! It nourishes dry hair and helps it stay in good condition. After application, you will notice that your hair feels soft and looks healthy & shiny. You have many types of hair oils for different hair types; for example, you have them for damaged hair, curls or specifically for men.

You can buy the best hair oil at We have a wide range of oils, so whatever hair type you have; the finest hair oils can be found here!

A nice and frequently sold product is the CHI haarolie. This product hydrates & restores the hair, regulates the moisture balance and provides it with a beautiful shine. The unique formula protects the hair from the heat of styling tools, aging and harmful substances from outside.

Another popular product is the Olaplex Bonding Oil No.7. This product is formulated with the original and patented Olaplex active ingredient, like all other Olaplex products. Olaplex No.7 is a concentrated and weightless restorative product that increases the shine, softness and vibrancy of your hair. There's a reason this product is so popular!

Hair oil curls

There are many types of products designed specifically for curls. Your curls can sometimes feel dry and need some extra care; a hair oil is the perfect solution for this. It nourishes your curls, restores hair cuticles and gives you back your desired hair texture.

Do you follow the CG method? Then you can also use a hair oil! There are several CG proof types, you can recognize these by the pink sticker with 'CG Proof'!

A nice CG friendly product for curls is the Cantu Shea Butter Hair & Scalp No Drip Oil. This product is made of shea butter and tea three and is not only good for your hair, but also for your scalp! The product protects against heat and also stimulates hair growth.

Hair oil men

It is annoying when your hair doesn't hold together, breaks off quickly or feels very dry. Fortunately, it is easy to do something about this with a hair oil! It ensures, among other things, that the hair becomes smoother and hair is less likely to bounce in all directions. In principle, all oils are suitable for men's hair, but there are also oils specially made for men.

A fine hair oil for men is the BluMaan Cloud Control Hair Oil, which contains a unique blend of 12 natural oils. This product helps transform coarse, dry and unruly hair and make it more manageable.



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