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How do you get colour rinse out of your hair?

How do you get colour rinse out of your hair?

We all know it: the urge to change your hair colour with a bold colour rinse. But what if the results are not quite what you had in mind? Not to worry! At Salontopper, we understand that sometimes change needs an extra push, which is why we like to share some tips and tricks to remove colour rinse from your hair. Let's dive in!

1. Anti-dandruff shampoo and warm water

Colour change starts with fading your colour wash. A simple trick is to use anti-dandruff shampoo in combination with warm water. This powerful combination helps to gradually fade the colour without damaging your hair too much.

2. Olive oil and coconut oil treatment

Before trying to fade your hair, it is important to prepare it. Give your hair a moisturising boost with a mix of olive oil and coconut oil. Leave it on for a few hours or even overnight before rinsing it out. Healthy hair is the key to success! Of course, you can also use our moisturising products.

3. Professional help

If DIY methods do not produce the desired results, it is time to consult a professional. An experienced hairdresser can safely treat your hair and effectively remove the colour wash without too much damage.

Prevention is better than removing

To avoid future colour blunders, it is smart to do a colour test before applying a colour rinse. This will help you see how the colour reacts to your hair before you apply it all over your hair.

A fresh start!

At Salontopper, we believe in honesty and sharing knowledge. We understand that colour change can be an adventure, and sometimes you need a helping hand. With these tips, you'll be armed to remove colour washes from your hair and give your hair a fresh start. Remember: it's all about experimenting and discovering what works best for your hair!

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