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Tips and tricks for curly hair! ;)

Tips and tricks for curly hair! ;)

Do you have curls and do you find it hard to get your hair into the right shape and don't know what to do with it anymore? Here are some tips that might help. I have searched for what is best for curly hair and compared it with how I do it myself. I then picked out a few tips that I can relate to because that is how I do it, or have started doing it. And guess what... it really works!

Tip 1:

Let's start with determining what type of curls you have. It is always useful to know what type of curls you have, so that you can take care of them in the right way. See for yourself what type of curl you think you have. From there you can research what is best to do with your curls. If you naturally have curl type 3 or 4, you should use stronger products than for curl type 1 or 2.

Tip 2:

Combing your hair. Should you do this with dry or wet hair? From my own experience, I would say dry hair. I have curl type 2b/2c, that is why I comb my hair before or during my shower. I notice that if I comb my hair after showering, I hardly get it in shape anymore and my curls are a lot less. What you can do is comb your hair in the shower when you have conditioner in it. When combing your hair, use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb rather than a brush. This is better for the structure of your curls.

Tip 3:

When you are in the shower, have washed your hair and applied your conditioner, rinse the conditioner out well. This is good for your hair. People with curly hair are prone to dryness, that is why I recommend using a leave-in conditioner after your shower. Your curls need care and hydration, so the leave-in conditioner will make sure your hair will not be so dry and your curls will fall out more beautifully.

Tip 4:

If you have washed your hair and it is drying, put your hair in a loose bun or a ponytail. This will prevent your curls from drooping, it will make for less frizzy hair.

Tip 5:

Use hair oil after using your hair products. This will reduce frizz and will also make your hair feel flexible.

Tip 6:

After washing your hair, don't use a towel to dry it. I recently started using a T-shirt to dry my hair, and I have noticed that it makes my hair look better and my curls fall out more nicely. There were less knots in my hair and it also frizzed a lot less.

Tip 7:

To get your hair completely dry, use a diffuser on your hair dryer. For a long time I just let it dry, for example outside or inside. But since I started using a diffuser I notice and see that my curls look nicer and that the curls are not only at the bottom of my hair but that it also curls a lot more at the top of my hair.

Tip 8:

It is also useful to have a regular hairdresser who specialises in cutting curls. Those hairdressers have a certain technique for cutting. So the chances are much higher that your curls will fall nicely.

For extra info see the blog: Do you have curls and do you suffer from frizzy hair? Try this. In this blog I used the shampoo and conditioner (Curl Enhancing shampoo and Curl Enhancing conditioner) from Morrocanoil. Nice to read, maybe the products are something for you!



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