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How to care for curly hair? Say goodbye to frizzy curls!

How to care for curly hair? Say goodbye to frizzy curls!

Are you blessed with curly hair and looking for the right care products? In this blog, you will find out more about products suitable for curly hair, the best tool as well as which curly types exist. Curly hair generally needs more care than straight hair. Special curly shampoo, conditioner and hair mask are often chosen, but did you know that styling products are also best suited to your hair type? That way, you will enjoy the most beautiful, defined curls.

Hair care products for curly hair

With the right hair care products, you can give your curly hair the care it deserves. Curly hair needs more care, which is why it is important to use products specially designed for curly or wavy hair. We list some great products for you:

Must-have: hairdryer for curls

Do you use a hair dryer to dry your curls? A hair dryer alone is actually not enough, this can actually make hair more frizzy. A hair dryer with diffuser is a real must-have for curly hair! The diffuser ensures the air is evenly distributed over the hair, allowing you to enjoy more volume and defined curls with less frizz.

Styling products for curls

Styling products for curls are specially designed to support curly hair. There are different foams for curls, curl creams and texturisers. It gives more definition, controls frizz, provides flexibility and extra hold. Before blow-drying your hair, it is important to use good styling products, as this helps to give the curl more strength. It is also important to use a hair oil or moisturising spray after blow-drying to reduce frizz and add shine.


Different curly types

There are four different curl types, which means that there are four different types of curls, which are also subdivided. It is therefore important to determine which curl type you have so that you use the right care and styling. But which type of curl do I have? You can read it below!

Verschillende krultypes

Curl type 1

Curl type 1 is actually not a curl, as this type includes straight hair. With this type of curl, you therefore do not need to use products suitable for curly or wavy hair.

Curl type 2

With curl type 2, your hair has waves. Often people with this curl type think they have straight hair. Do not use too many styling products, as this may cause your curl or waves to sag because the hair becomes too heavy. For this type of curl, it is best to use a good hair mousse to give your curls an extra hold. Try the Wella Professionals EIMI Boost Bounce and then blow-dry your hair with a diffuser!

  • 2a: Slightly wavy
  • 2b: Wavy
  • 2c: Very wavy

Curl type 3

With this curl type, it is abundantly clear that you have curly hair. Use a fine leave-in conditioner or curl cream for extra hydration and definition. For example, consider the Wella Professionals Nutricurls Milky Waves or Wella Professionals EIMI Curl Shaper. After using these products, you will enjoy the most beautiful curls!

  • 3a: Big curls
  • 3b: Denser curls, similar to a spiral.
  • 3c: Tight curls

Curl type 4

Curly hair with tight and dense curls that have an 's' or 'z' pattern. This hair type needs a lot of moisture, think of a nourishing yet hydrating leave-in conditioner, oil or a hair mask. A hair mask generally provides the most nourishment and hydration, like the Wella Professionals Nutricurls Mask for Waves & Curls. Curls are well-hydrated, have less frizz and look more beautiful.

  • 4a: A tight, spiral curl with an s pattern.
  • 4b: A very tight, small curl that looks more like a z pattern.
  • 4c: A very tight, z patterned curl, where you can't actually see the curl type.

Help, how do I get my curls back?

Did you have beautiful curls or wavy hair before, but can't see any of it anymore? Then you may be using the wrong hair care and styling products. If hair becomes too heavy, lacks moisture or is cut incorrectly, your curls may sag or even disappear. Want to get your curls back? Then first try to find out what your curl type is and use the products that are suitable for your hair! Should this not help enough, visit a curly hairdresser. Who knows, you might soon enjoy the most beautiful waves or curls again!

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