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Help I have tangles in my hair... what now?

Help I have tangles in my hair... what now?

Suffering from tangles in your hair? We have the solution for you!

Brush your hair, or don't brush it! It's not that nice to have knots in your hair, especially on the back of your neck. Very annoying and you keep brushing. How do tangles develop? What can you do about them? And how do you prevent tangles in your hair? I'll tell you all about it later in this blog. Tangles and knots are of course annoying, painful and it takes quite some time to get them out again. Of course, these cold months also play a role in making tangles and knots more of a problem. Think about that lovely thick scarf you wear a lot. This is exactly why you are more likely to suffer from them now than in spring. We would like to give you some practical tips to help you get through the winter months with little or no knots in your hair!

How do knots/ tangles form in your hair?

Tangles are caused by the openness of the hair scales, which makes it easier for the scale to become entangled, resulting in knots. This also makes brushing the hair more difficult. It is therefore common with longer hair. The following factors can cause tangles/knots:

- Vitamin B deficiency
- Frequent and (too) long blow-drying
- Bleaching/dyeing
- Rubbing rough hair dry after showering
- Using tight elastic bands
- Using hair products that contain alcohol
- Due to cold and wearing scarves/trunks
- The texture of your hair
- Brushing your hair

There are, of course, many other factors that can contribute to this. If you suddenly think, hey... I might be using the wrong elastic bands, this can make a lot of difference. If you have recently dyed your hair, you know that your hair can be damaged. Using the right conditioner or hair mask can help!

Dealing with tangles and counteracting them ... how?

Moisturise: It is important to keep your hair well hydrated. If your hair is very dry, you are much more likely to get tangles or knots. So use a good moisturising shampoo and conditioner! Try to apply the conditioner only halfway, otherwise your hair will get greasy faster from the roots. This is of course different for curls. Also a fine hair mask and serum are definitely recommended to use. We have many brands in our range that have a complete moisturising line. See below for some examples:

Brushing: The most important thing here is to brush carefully. Start at the bottom of the hair and work your way up. In my previous blog about hairbrushes you can read that the Tangle Teezer is very good for removing tangles and knots in your hair. I advise you to use the right brush for this otherwise it can cause extra damage. A comb with wide teeth can also be used. See below for different Tangle Teezer brushes:

Detangler spray: They have a conditioning effect in the hair which makes it easier to untangle your hair. It also often makes your hair soft and shiny. Spray it through your hair and then brush it gently. You will notice immediately that it is a lot easier and that your hair is also made smooth! There are different types available in our webshop.

Satin pillowcase: Satin is super soft for your hair, so your hair easily slides over the pillow and is not damaged. You'll wake up without any tangles or frizzy hair. It stays in shape better and what is also very important is that it helps to prevent split ends. It not only benefits your hair but your skin as well. It also helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, acne, blemishes and sleeping pains. A radiant skin and no tangles in your hair? A win-win situation, right? See below the Beauty pillow, available in many different colours so it can perfectly match your bedroom (also important haha):

Hairdresser: Chances are you will need to get your dead ends trimmed. Try to trim your ends every so often to avoid knots. If in doubt, call your hairdresser and see if it's necessary.



If you have any other questions, please let us know, that's what we're here for!

Love Silke

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