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Tips for dry skin

Tips for dry skin

 Foggy windows, frozen landscapes and delicious hot chocolate (with whipped cream). A real cold winter, do you also suffer from dry hands or dry skin in general at this time of year? Don't worry... this time of year is known for it. Does your skin feel dull, is it tight, flaky or do you have chapped lips? Then chances are that your skin is dry. This is often the result of low humidity and reduced sebum production. It can also be related to certain products you use, as flaky skin makes us exfoliate or use degreasing cleansers, which is exactly what you should not do in the winter months. Fortunately, Salontotal has fine products in its range that will help you get rid of this quickly. Read on for tips and great products for dry skin.

Products for dry skin

At Salontotal, you will find several fine hand creams for dry hands, especially with these cold days and those to come. For example, the La Roche-Posay xerand hand cream is a restorative hand cream for extremely dry hands. Do you suffer from dry spots, cracks and cuts? Then this fine hand cream is definitely for you.

There are different kinds of body lotions available. Biotherm life plankton body milk, for example, is very nice for fragile and sensitive skin. It helps to restore the quality of the skin by hydrating and revitalising it. After use, you will no longer suffer from dryness, irritation, roughness and loss of elasticity. The Scrub & Rub secret body lotion, on the other hand, is also suitable for drier skin. It is enriched with Monoi oil, which has moisturising and nourishing properties. It protects against dehydration and makes the skin velvety soft. That's exactly what we need!

The right cream/serums for your face are very important. Above all, always look at your skin type and what your skin needs. If you have dry spots on your face, the Curaloe hydra restore cream is definitely suitable. It restores the moisture balance of the skin and consists of 70% aloe vera, which helps to repair dry spots and other impurities. The cream is vegan + cruelty free. The Rituals Namastè hydrating overnight cream gives your skin peace and hydration. It is specially developed to repair your skin, make it soft and give it extra nutrition. It contains an active complex of hyaluronic acid and Indian rose, which restores the moisture balance of the skin and prevents dry spots.

Dry and chapped lips are a real bother, not to mention it isn’t a very charming look. Luckily, we have some great lip balms to help treat or repair them. The Dermalogica nightly lip treatment is one of them. It repairs dryness cracks, strengthens your lips and makes them wonderfully soft. Thanks to the karitan butter and Indian gentian root, it hydrates and restores your lips beautifully. The Oolaboo skin defense lipstick prevents the lips from drying out. Specially formulated for cold and windy conditions, it provides intense hydration and leaves your lips wonderfully soft.

Extra tips for dry skin

Did you know it can also be related to lack of sleep, high stress and an unhealthy diet? The following tips can also contribute to healthy/soft skin:

Drink plenty of water
Get enough exercise
Get enough sleep
Watch your diet, eat healthy
Try to avoid alcohol
Do not scrub your skin too often
Use a mild facial cleanser
Do not use degreasing cleansers
Take your me-time moments and think about your skin.

Have any questions? Let us know, we are here to help.


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