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Styling products for short and long hair

Styling products for short and long hair

Short hair vs. long hair

We all use styling products from time to time, some more than others. This also depends on the length and shape of the hair, of course.

Some people use hairspray and others use a light weight product in order to be able to touch and re-style their hair all day.

I have naturally straight and somewhat limp hair, so I can't do without volume powder and finishing spray. But what you need is different for each hair type. What is actually good for short hair/long hair and what styling product should be used to achieve the desired result? Important to know: do not use products which contain non-water soluble silicones. Silicones coat your hair and cause the desired volume to collapse again. The build-up layer created by silicone also makes it difficult to wash out. If you keep repeating this over and over again, you will soon notice that your hair becomes lifeless, hangs down more quickly or feels greasy. Before using a product, read carefully what it actually contains. 


Which styling products to use with short hair?

Short Hair

Do you have short hair? Then you most likely use styling products to create the desired shape in your hair. This can be a quiff, a pixie fringe look or what is totally hot right now a mullet haircut. Waxes, clay, gel and pomades are often used with short hair. They are available in different types, such as various hold-factors, with a matt finish or shine. 

Do you have coarse hair? Then your hair often goes its own way and does everything it can to thwart your look. This tells you that you need a product with a strong hold-factor. This can be a clay: a product which you first have to rub warm before you want to style your hair. We are very fond of Sebastian Craft Clay, it gives a strong hold with a matt finish. Do you prefer shine with a strong hold? Then we recommend Wella Eimi Sculp Force Gel! In short, gel also provides a strong hold in the hair and helps to keep crowns in place. With wax you also have the choice of a matt look or a shiny end result. Waxes are generally less strong than gels or clay but if you prefer a wet look then waxes are also suitable for coarse hair.

What is best to use for thick / coarse hair: Clay / Gel / Wax / finishing spray

Hold-factor: Strong

Look: Mat / gloss

For fine hair, all these products can also be used, with the exception of gel.

Gel makes the hair clam together more quickly as ''groups'' so that it looks less and with fine hair that is not a pleasant look. With a wax, clay or pomade, the hair can be distributed better. We do recommend that fine hair does not go for a strong hold immediately because fine hair does not necessarily need this. A pomade is also good to use on fine hair. A wax / pomade is slightly greasier and ensures that you can restyle your hair all day long. You also have water-based pomades, you can easily rinse them out. If you choose a variant where oil is used, we recommend that you clean your hair well, otherwise the residue remains in your hair and your hair will quickly become greasy. Of course many of you will finish your look with a finishing spray, again pay attention to the right products, hairsprays with silicones let your hair sink in quickly, which is a shame!

What is best to use for fine / thin hair: Pomade / Wax / finishing spray

Hold-factor: Medium hold

Look: Mat / gloss

What styling products to use with long hair?

Long Hair

With longer hair you do not really need styling products with an extreme hold. With long hair it is often a good idea that the roots get a bit more hold. Whether you have thin or thick hair, the first step you take is to use the right shampoo, conditioner and/or hair mask. Do you have thick hair? Then try products that nourish and also counteract frizz because this is more likely to occur with thick hair. With thin hair you go for more volume / firmness, for example.

With long hair, it is also important to take good care of your ends; put some hair oil in them after every wash to prevent dryness. Do you have thin/steel hair? Then we recommend using a lightweight oil to make your hair less heavy. A fine mousse helps to strengthen your hair, apply a small amount to damp hair for more volume, especially at the roots. If you have straight hair, use a beach wave mousse to give it more hold! Maybe you sometimes put a curl in your hair? If so, always try to use a heat protectant. For volume at the roots, you can choose to use a volume powder or a volume spray. This way you don't have to tug your hair and you prevent a lot of damage. Would you like a beachy look? Try a sea salt spray. Of course you can't do without a finishing spray, to make your parting fall out nicely or to give your curl some strength and to keep your beautifully styled hair in shape. Going for a nice sleek look? Then again, a gel comes in handy for longer hair.

Well, we certainly did not forget about them. Curls need a whole different kind of care than long/straight hair. Curious what? We will tell you more about this in another blog!

Do you have any handy tips or styling products that you like? Let us know below.

Love Silke 

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