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From straight hair to a bunch of curls!

From straight hair to a bunch of curls!

Curl it...

You know how the story goes: If you have straight hair you want a bunch of curls and if you have curls you want straight hair. Well, I am one of those people with straight hair and I have always wanted to have a full head of curls. Now I don't mean some waves in my hair or a small curl at the bottom of my hair... No, really a bunch with lots of curls from the roots to the ends! Of course I have tried this myself but it was not really a success to be honest. I started looking around and reading up on how to create this easily. Then I came across the Max Pro Twist Chopstick and immediately thought; I am going to try this and I would like to share my experience with you. Would you like to have a beautiful head with lots of curls? Then read on and have a look at the tutorial further on in the blog. 

What does the Max Pro Twist Chopstick do exactly?

Thanks to the ceramic/tourmaline wand, long lasting curls are created within seconds. Within 10 seconds the curling iron is ready for use. Because of the adjustable temperature of 80°C to 220°C, the curling iron is suitable for all hair types. The curling tong has an LCD display, which allows you to see exactly how hot the curling tong is at any time. The 9mm bar creates curls with a diameter of 9mm. The handle is made of the heat-resistant material rubber, so it never gets hot and it fits comfortably in your hand. The curling iron also comes with a heat-resistant glove. You can use this to wrap your hair around the tong. Besides being easy to use, the curling tong has a shut-off function after 60 minutes of inactivity. This makes curling your hair safe, in case you are busy with 4 things at the same time... that is what we women are good at! ;)

So how do you make THE luxurious head of curls?

I will explain step by step how to create the perfect curl with the Max Pro Twist Chopstick:

  • Make sure your hair is well brushed and spray your hair with a heat protector. I used Heated Defense of Kevin Murphy.
  • Make sure that you or the person who is going to put your curls on puts on a heat resistant glove. Set the stick to the right temperature (I set the stick to 180°).
  • Divide your hair into sections so that you can easily curl each section. Use clips or elastic bands if necessary.
  • Then start to curl your hair. Be careful to take really small sections of hair in order to get as much volume as possible and create a real bunch of curls.
  • With a few seconds the curl was already in place, for me it took about 5 seconds. Of course, this differs per hair type.
  • Keep going like this until you have done all the parts of the hair and *drumroll* your hair has THE bunch of curls!
  • At the end, give your hair some extra nutrition. Think of a fine hair oil. I used the Kevin Murphy young again oil. It makes the curls wonderfully soft and gives it a beautiful shine.

Watch the steps in the tutorial below

Curling with the Max Pro Twist Chopstick

Well as you can see I am HAPPY with the end result and can only recommend it to you! Curls that don't stay in place? That's a thing of the past with the Max Pro Twist Chopstick. The curls lasted for 2 full days. Normally, because my hair is a bit thicker and straight, it tends to fall out, but not at all this time! The Max Pro Twist Chopstick is available in different sizes. What is also handy to use so that your curls stay beautiful for a long time is a satin pillowcase. The Beauty Pillow helps your hair to keep its shape without fluffing and also helps to prevent split ends. I did add some extra oil to my hair every time I used the pillow so it would stay nice and soft. If you have any questions please let me know in a comment below :).

Love Silke

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