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The new ghd unplugged styler

The new ghd unplugged styler

The new ghd unplugged styler

Hey you,

We're always updating you on the latest trends, writing product reviews and bringing you new items on our blogs. In this case, we are going to tell you about a very cool new product, being... "drum roll" the new ghd unplugged styler. The British brand is a world leader in hair and styling tools. Their styling tools and products are used all over the world, maybe even by you? The tools are also used by global brands such as D&G, Dior and Prada.

You have probably seen the new must-have tool from ghd... because it has not gone unnoticed in the beauty industry that this pearl is new on the market! Chiara Ferragni is also a big fan of the new straightener, which of course makes us even more curious. We are going to tell you all the ins and outs of ghd's newest tool (because... it even fits in your handbag and is cordless, how awesome is that)?! By the way, did you know that ghd stands for good hair day? Well we all want this every day, don't we? So read on.


Introducing the ghd unplugged styler

What is the ghd unplugged styler? The ghd unplugged styler is the must-have tool that should no longer be missing from your beauty routine. It is a new cordless straightener that gives you more freedom when styling your hair, both at home and on the go. Yes, you read it right, also for on the go. The straightener is so compact that it fits into your handbag and after use it can be put straight back into your handbag thanks to the special protective case.

The brand ghd is known for their advanced technology, their tools maintain a consistent temperature of 185ºC. It is the optimal temperature for styling hair without damaging it, and this is also reflected in the new ghd unplugged. You can start styling after just 45 seconds. Ideal if you want to do your hair in between jobs or if you've left home too late (we've all been there). ghd uses dual-zone technology, which means that the tool has custom ceramic heaters to continuously regulate the optimal styling temperature of 185ºC, resulting in beautifully smooth and healthy hair. The ghd unplugged styler provides up to 65% more shine in the hair, in short, it’s a real life-saver!

The advantages of the ghd unplugged styler

  • The styler is cordless
  • Easy to charge via a USB-C cable
  • Fits in your handbag
  • Can be taken in hand luggage
  • Available in black and white
  • Has a consistent temperature of 185ºC
  • Provides 65% more shine
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Includes a heat resistant protective case
  • Up to 20 minutes of continuous styling
  • Fully charged in just 2 hours

Our experience with the new tool from ghd:

Of course we tested the styler for you and are happy to tell you how we experienced it. We have seen a lot of stylers over the years and know exactly what we like and what we don't like.

The adventure begins when the styler arrives at our office after a bit longer than a week of waiting. We've been dying to get our hands on this new 'headpiece' from the ghd collection for a few days now and our expectations are high. However, when we unpack the box, we are a little disappointed... sleek and stylish, but a little boring. The moment we open the box, however, it’s immediately made up for. A beautifully compact straightener appears, stylishly and tightly wrapped (see our unboxing).

So we quickly put the styler on charge, so we can test it at the end of the day. And the charging is fast! Within one hour the unplugged is fully charged (splen-did!) We expected the styler to still have some battery left, so we charged it again later that week (after it was completely empty). And indeed... By the second test, the tool was fully charged and ready to use again in about 2 hours! 

But then to the most important part, how does the straightener work? Is it easy to use? And how long does it really last?

AND GURL... LET ME TELL YOU! I can actually curl my entire hair and the ghd unplugged is far from empty. Okay... I have fairly thin hair and not an extremely thick bunch, but it always takes me at least 15 minutes. This can easily be done with a fully charged ghd unplugged.

What I notice at first is that the tong seems a bit small... but I don't notice this at all when styling. My hair glides smoothly through the pliers and I can use relatively thick sections. My hair is shiny and perfectly styled. I am amazed at the performance of this 'small' but fine styler. 

At first I was afraid that the ghd unplugged styler would only be suitable for touching up your hair (this is how it is marketed), but to me it really is a full-fledged styler like the ghd platinum+ styler or the ghd gold styler.

Does it have any more advantages? Yes, for me it does... You can put it in the included travel bag immediately after use, without having to worry about it burning. That's handy if you want to do your hair just before a meeting and have to put the styler back in your bag afterwards.

So we can say that we at Salontotal are very excited about the newest member of the ghd family! So, are you looking for a multi-use styler which you can take with you wherever you go? Then this is the ultimate tool for you!


Silke & Elserieke

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