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Shaving brush

Traditional shaving with a shaving brush is back! With these brushes, you can easily distribute the shaving products, such as the shaving foam or cream over the beard hairs. This ensures a smooth shaving result. At we have a wide range of beard care products, including the shaving brush. Do you already use it in your shaving routine?


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Types of shaving brushes

There are many different types of shaving brushes, but the main difference is mainly in the type of hair. All brushes are good to use for applying the shaving cream or foam. Which hair type do you prefer? Shaving brushes are available with:

  • Synthetic bristles: the hair type you choose if you don't want to use animal products. These hairs today are already made in such a way that you can hardly distinguish them from real hairs. This brush is recommended if you suffer from acne, the bristles absorb little to no bacteria, making this more hygienic. Brushes with synthetic bristles are relatively inexpensive, compared to the other hair types. An example of a brush with synthetic bristles is the Clubman Pinaud Shave Brush, this is a luxury brush of high quality.
  • Badger hair: this type of hair comes from a badger. The bristles absorb a lot of water, so you can use it well for shaving. The bristles can still be divided into silvertip, fine badger and graudas badger hair. These brushes have a long life, but are also the more expensive variety because of this.
  • Hog bristle: the hog bristle shaving brushes have fairly hard and thick bristles. An example of a pig hair brush is the brush from Proraso Refreshing Classic Box.
  • Horsehair: horsehair brushes are made from the mane and tail of a horse. These bristles are also great for applying your shaving products.

The best shaving brush

The best shaving brush is different for everyone. Do you prefer not to use animal products? Then only the brush with synthetic bristles remains. If you don't mind using a brush with animal bristles, then the choice is somewhat larger. Will you choose the brush with badger, pig or horse hair? Give your beard the care it needs and shop a good shaving brush at

Using a shaving brush

You always clean the skin before shaving. Next, apply a pre-shave cream to the skin. This is a preparation for the skin. Fill a container or special shaving mug with warm water and wet the bristles of the brush. Use the shaving foam or shaving cream on the brush and apply it to the face with circular motions. The product will lather up nicely, let this soak in for a while. Now you can start shaving the beard as desired. Are you done shaving? Then wash the leftover foam or cream off the face and finish with an after shave. Remember to rinse your good shaving brush clean with running water to get rid of all the leftover foam between the bristles. Squeeze the water out of the bristles and then let it dry with the bristles down. This way you can get a long time use out of your favorite shaving brush.


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