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A cologne is a light perfume with a wonderfully refreshing scent and is actually always useful. For example, the product is ideal to use as a finish after your grooming routine or as a refresher after a long day. A cologne is a must to have on hand!


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Cologne perfume

The term eau de cologne is generally used when referring to a light fragrance, with a lower concentration of fragrance ingredients than a eau de toilette or a eau de parfum. The name comes from the city of Cologne, home to the oldest perfume factory in the world.

The product often has a refreshing scent and you use it mainly to refresh yourself. Citrus notes, such as lime or orange, for example, are the basis of a cologne. These are complemented by other ingredients such as rosemary or sandalwood, for example.

The difference between Eau de Cologne and Eau de parfum

You often hear about a eau de parfum or cologne, but what is really the difference between the two? A cologne consists of several ingredients, such as alcohol, water and fragrance ingredients. The more intense a fragrance smells, the more fragrance ingredients it contains. This actually explains the difference. A cologne contains about 3-5% fragrance ingredients, a eau de toilette about 5-10% fragrance ingredients and a eau de parfum about 10-20% fragrance ingredients.

So, are you looking for a fragrance to refresh yourself with? Then go for a Cologne. Still looking for a fragrance that smells intense and long? Then go for a perfume.

Cologne perfume at Salontotal

At Salontotal you will find many different types of colognes. A few toppers from our range are:

  • The Proraso Cologne Wood and Spice has a masculine and powerful fragrance. The fragrance composition consists of spicy top notes of saffron and cinnamon, combined with sandalwood, among others. This cologne works perfectly in combination with the other products from the Proraso Wood and Spice line.
  • The American Crew WIN Fragrance has a fragrance composition of bergamot, citrus, mandarin and warm musk. This unique composition of ingredients creates an unforgettable fragrance.
  • The 18.21 Man Made Sweet Tobacco Spirits contains a rich blend of nearly 30 oils. The Sweet Tobacco smells of citrus and spicy saffron, with top notes of exotic woods and musk.


Frequently asked questions?

What do you use a cologne for?

A cologne is a light fragrance that you can use for example to refresh yourself.

Is a cologne stronger than a perfume?

No, a perfume contains more fragrance ingredients than a cologne. This means that a perfume lasts longer.

What is the difference between a cologne, eau de toilette and a eau de parfum?

A cologne is often light and fresh, a eau de toilette is fresh (not too overpowering) and disappears after a few hours, and a perfume keeps you smelling for a long time and has a high concentration of aromatic ingredients.

A cologne contains about 3-5% fragrance ingredients, a eau de toilette about 5-10% fragrance ingredients and a perfume about 10-20% fragrance ingredients. The more fragrance ingredients a fragrance contains, the more intense it smells.


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