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Beard Shampoo

Everyone has heard of hair shampoo, but beard shampoo is just as important (at least if you have a beard). After all, why take care of your regular hair but not your beard hair? After all, your beard is also exposed to the same external factors as your head hair: the sun, sweat, rain and dirt. And your beard also needs the right nutrients to stay firm and healthy. Check out our full range and choose the best beard shampoo for your beard(s) and mustache!


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Why beard shampoo?

As mentioned, your beard hair also needs attention. In fact, facial hair dries out faster than head hair. That's why beard wash is much better for your beard than regular shampoo. Ordinary shampoo dries out facial hair even faster because the substances it contains are intended for a different type of hair. With beard shampoo, you strengthen the hair and your beard will always look good! Of course, it is also nice to keep your beard clean. Think about the food that gets stuck in it, the sweat that runs down it when you're exercising or the dirt that gets in when you're out working.

Prevent beard dandruff

Not only can dandruff develop in your head hair, but flakes can also appear in your beard. This could be because you don't take good care of your beard and the skin underneath becomes too dry. This is because the skin under your facial hair is more sensitive than that on top of your head. If you unleash the more 'aggressive' substances in normal shampoo on your beard, you will notice this. This is another reason why beard shampoo is a handy solution; you keep your beard just as clean as with normal shampoo, but at the same time ensure that the underlying skin remains good.

Beard soap from the best brands

At Salontotal.comyou will find beard shampoo, beard soap and beard conditioner from the best brands like Proraso, American Crew, Reuzel and Clubman Pinaud. All brands that know exactly what your beard needs! Want to surprise a beard wearer with a nice gift? Then we also have several gift sets for you, containing not only beard shampoo but also beard styling items.

Buy beard shampoo at

In short, is the place to be if you are looking for beard shampoo. The shampoo is fast and easy to order and can even be delivered the next day if you order before 10 p.m. on Sunday through Monday. Do you have any questions about beard shampoos or are you unsure what the best beard shampoo is for your type of beard? Then our customer service will be happy to help you out!


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