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Sea Salt Spray

Sea Salt Spray is the secret weapon for anyone longing for that perfect beach look, as if you have just spent a day at the sea. This spray not only gives your hair texture and volume, but also creates the casual and tousled style that is so characteristic of a day at the beach. Whether you have long hair or a short cut, Sea Salt spray is versatile and suitable for all hair types. Explore the different options from our range.


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What is Sea Salt Spray?

Sea salt spray is a hair product that creates a natural, tousled texture in the hair. It often contains sea salt and other ingredients that create a beachy look. By simply applying the spray to dry or damp hair, you can effortlessly create those relaxed, surfer-like waves, making hair look like you just came from the beach.

How to use the spray.

Using Sea Salt Spray is simple. Spray the product on damp or dry hair, knead it into your locks and let it dry naturally or use a blow-dryer for extra volume. For optimal effect, you can combine it with other styling products, but often the salt spray is enough for a beautiful, natural look! The nice thing about this product is that it does not need to be specially removed: you just wash it out.

The benefits of the spray

Sea salt spray offers numerous benefits for your hair. It provides extra hold and texture, which is ideal for creating natural waves of a messy look. Moreover, it helps add volume to lifeless hair, giving your hairstyle a boost. It is an ideal product to use just as easily, as you wash it out in no time too.

Choose a suitable spray

When choosing the best Sea Salt Hair spray, it is useful to pay attention to the ingredients Not all sprays are the same; some contain extra nourishing oils or have a stronger hold. By considering your hair type, you can get your desired finish.

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